How ConnectUs By Securus Technologies May Get Rid Of Paperwork

Correctional facilities have been using paperwork as a means of organizing inmates, employees, and the infrastructural accouterments which come of handling both. For example, processing forms, complaints, grievances, medical forms, sign-up sheets–all these things require paper. The paper must be printed. It must be distributed. It must be written on. It must be read, annotated, filed, and stored. Modern filing systems hit a fever pitch in the mid twentieth century, but computational technology has fast eroded this echelon of modernity into anachronism. Unfortunately, many correctional facilities–suffering due to budget concerns and regular operations–have been unable to fully upgrade. Securus Technologies‘ ConnectUs platform is designed to help change that.

ConnectUs allows for a variety of applications and protocols to be customized per a given facility’s needs. Inmates can file complaints and grievances forms digitally, and even monitor their progress. This will cut down on the time an inmate may waste hassling a guard about some minutiae. Additionally, for medical processing purposes, ConnectUs is downright beautiful. Nurses have been raving over its ease of use and simplicity, and officers are excited about the supply savings that will come in paper alone.

An even more interesting savings will come in the form of man hours. At five minutes per complaint and grievance form, over the course of a year an average form takes up an hour. Most facilities have over a hundred inmates who file more than thirteen of those forms a month–13.8, specifically; according to the numbers. 13.8 multiplied by 100 inmates translate to 1,380 lost man hours which can be recouped with ConnectUs.

Now, ConnectUs has much more broad application than simply complaints and grievances forms. Potentially, this program could cut $50,000+ from the budget of even smaller correctional facilities. 1,380 hours at $20/hour is $27,600. Medical forms must take even longer to process, meaning probably double that number in savings. ConnectUs is definitely a game changer in the corrective facility industry.

An Inside view Of The Services Provided By IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is primarily a logistics company that operates on a global scale and also offers facility management services. Their headquarters are located in Florida, but have business locations operating internationally. They also deal heavily in government contracts, which is why they have a major business location at the heart of Washington D.C. to manage the high priority contracts. Contracts with the government and Department of Defense equal out to hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue for the company on IAP Worldwide was also able to build up a business location in the Middle East because of the large presence held by United States government and private business divisions.

IAP Worldwide’s ancestors were responsible for and present for many important projects in US history, including some of the earliest launches of spacecraft. From Cape Canaveral in Florida, IAP Worldwide has been included in more than 2500 different spacecraft launches. The construction and operations being successful due to the company’s predecessors critical work.

Originally, IAP Worldwide started out from former companies located in South Carolina that specialized in logistics and purchasing that were highly involved in mission support. The company has provided goods to the US Government and the US Army as well. The generators provided by the company helped the Army during their time in the Middle East.

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During the wars, IAP was a huge supplier for the armed forces in the United States. To this day, the company still provides support to US forces and they are proud to do so.

IAP Worldwide not only supplies and services armed forces and government establishments, but they also service business and private sectors as well. All over the globe the company offers logistics support. As they’ve continued to expand, they now even provide services for engineering and transportation.

The company has been long dedicated to providing the great level of quality for logistics as well as transportation and engineering today. IAP Worldwide has grown to an employee base of more than 1500 people that are operating and roughly 20 different countries around the world. Recently, in 2015, IAP Worldwide also took ownership of DRS Technologies and Aviation as a way of expanding on their available services and improving their capacity for business.

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How WEN by Chaz Improved the Look of One Woman’s Hair

An article published online in Bustle details the results one woman obtained when using WEN Hair by Chaz for the first time. The article is formatted more like a journal where the woman provides daily information on how well the cleansing conditioner worked for her hair. She decided to try WEN after seeing it advertised as a product capable of adding body, shine and manageability to limp, greasy hair. The woman explains how she felt a difference in the volume of her hair after using the product the very first day. There is also one day where she writes about how her hair appeared to be limp and greasy again when she did not have an opportunity to wash it using WEN. After using WEN for one week the woman concludes that it definitely improved the look and feel of her hair.
Creating a Total Cleansing System

Chaz Dean, the creator of Wen hair, is no stranger to the look and feel of healthy hair. After taking several courses in photography Mr. Dean decided to pursue a career in the field of cosmetology. Specializing in cut and color, Mr. Dean quickly made his way to the top of his profession. During his employment at a prestigious beauty salon he catered to the hair care needs of women living in the area of Bel Air. Chaz Dean eventually purchased the salon and turned into his own hair studio.

As someone who understood the different hair care needs people had, Mr. Dean set out to make an improved hair cleansing system. He succeeded in creating a better product by using natural botanical elements as the ingredients in WEN. The elements used for each variety help nourish and repair hair to bring it back to its natural healthy state. As a conditioning cleanser WEN by Chaz is a complete hair care system. Wen hair products are Sephora available and can be ordered online via Amazon.

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Tips for Investing in Future Success

Investing is more of a long-term game than short-term. If you are an investor who wants to invest in long-term investing strategies, then you will find success. Most investments do not pay immediately. Most people perceive stocks as playing the lottery, which is ridiculous.

Igor Cornelsen is a long term investor who makes a profit that lasts for long. It means that investing is a career that you should be prepared to do for several decades. As an investor, you can make 500% returns if only you commit yourself to playing markets of life.

The first tip for investors who want to earn good returns is changing their perceptive on the stock exchange. The stock market is not a place where you make a quick buck; it is a place you invest money wisely. If you invest intelligently in equity markets, you can be sure to make returns on your investment.

You also need to be ready to make small investments rather than considerable investment. New investors make mistakes that get them run into losses. As a new investor, avoid being greedy for a big return on your dollars and committing yourself too much to one particular stock. If you invest in many investments, you limit chances of losses you could make. You also get to improve chances of being successful with other investments.

However, investors should be ready to play a long game. Analyze firms that are productive and those that are consistent. Investors need forms with a long history that provide return regardless of whether the company is new in the market or not.

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Investing in passive income

Lately, people are talking about passive investment. It is evident based on the increasing inquiries all over the internet and online platforms like social media. It is clear that people want money, but they want to invest without being involved directly. That explains why they are investing in in passive or residue income. Here are some benefits of passive income investments.

An investor who makes active income is involved directly. The best part about passive income is that you do not have to be involved, you just check investments occasionally. The other advantage is that investors get a continuous flow of revenue. Passive income requires minimal resources. In the beginning, investors would invest more resources if they want passive income. You need resources to monitor activities.

Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is an investment adviser. He prepares investors and guides them on how to make long-term investments. Igor guides investors by going through their portfolios and provides them with inside advice. They give advice necessary to select winners in the stock market. Igor works as an investment manager at Sedalia. Co. Igor has experience because he has worked with various firms including Bainbridge Inv Inc Proprietor.

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Jim Hunt Educates With The Use of VTA Publications

Jim Hunt has a lot of success in a few industries. Among the areas that he is successful in are finances and business. He also continues to look for new creative ways to be innovative. Even after making it to the top in the financial industry, he has looked for ways to change himself and grow. He has entered into the industry of teaching. One thing that he is very skilled at is creating something that is simple enough to use for people. Jim Hunt is especially good with investing. While other people learn through experience, Jim Hunt takes away the guess work with the use of variables.

Jim Hunt uses platforms in order to get his point across. Among the platforms that are in good use is VTA Publications. He uses VTA Publications in order to present many of the secrets to successful investing. VTA Publications has a lot of interesting topics that are filled with plenty of information that will help people identify when it is a good time to make an investment. There is something for people of all skill levels of investing. They will know how to use charts for investing. There are also some secret strategies for trading options.

One interesting topic that VTA Publications has is Retirement Planning based on principles found in the Bible. A lot of people seem to ignore retirement planning until it is too late. There are many reasons behind this. For one thing, a lot of people don’t feel they make enough money for retirement. VTA teaches secrets to using any amount of money to make profits from investments. VTA Publication also has plenty of recordings to go along with its articles. Anyone that is looking for ways to gain a fortune can look at all of the seminars and other sources that can be found on VTA Publications.

IAP Worldwide Strives For True Excellence

All businesses leaders in the modern world must be able to demonstrate a commitment to many important values including the willingness to take charge, move forward and serve the needs of their customers fully. Read more: Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

Any company leader who is going to succeed in the often cutthroat world of international business must also be nimble, flexible and capable of diversity.

Such is very much the case with IAP Worldwide Services. This company is one of the nation’s leading providers of many services including global-scale logistics, contemporary facilities management customized for each customer, and highly advanced professional and technical services that are important for any company to functional well.
Ever Expanding

Not content to sit back on their laurels, company officials have moved forward to seek out new opportunities in the field. This was recently demonstrated as reported on PR Newswire, when company leaders decided it was best to acquire two new properties that can help give officials here the ability to expand into new markets and serve such markets well at the same time. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services Jobs

The newly acquired units are expected to be one of a series of moves in the future as officials here continually seek out new ways to demonstrate their commitment to innovation and ability to meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing regional and global business markets.

Devoted To Excellence

This is but yet another demonstration of the company’s devotion to excellence. Officials here know that their customers count of them to be there at all times in order to provide the necessary services their clients need to accomplish their own goals.

All of those employed at IAP Worldwide Services are all about being able to strive for excellence and demonstrate the ability to meet it. They know that it is important to offer services that aim to showcase how it is possible to reach for the highest possible goals and meet them.

The Future Looks Bright

At IAP Worldwide Services, it is clear that the future looks very bright. Company leaders and all those work here push hard to move forward and reach out to new markets both in the United States and all over the world as well.

In doing so, they know that it is possible for them to achieve their necessary goals and help create a company that can offer long-term, truly lasting value in every way. Officials look the future with great confidence, knowing it is theirs.

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Autism Rocks to Rock Dubai

April 2 marks the beginning of the Dubai Autism Awareness Month. This year, the Autism Rocks Festival will be commemorating the Dubai Autism Awareness Month. The festival will feature live performances from world renowned America rappers Flo Rida and Tyga. Tickets are going for only Dh50. The event will be held on April 1 and is set to be a fun-filled family affair. The attendees will enjoy a variety of fun-filled activities such as zip line, laser tag, bouncy castles, crazy golf, rodeo bull, horse rides, barbecue, face painting, a petting zoo and inflatable rides. The Autism Rocks Foundation has partnered with 117 live, a subsidiary of Al Ahli Holding to ensure that this year’s festival is a success.

Autism Rocks is an initiative started by Dubai-based couple Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark. The couple founded this initiative in an effort to change the way people with autism were being treated and handled in the society. They were compelled to do something after their son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with this neurodevelopmental disorder in 2011. In a recent interview with XPRESS, Usha was quoted saying, “We wanted to encourage more research into why people are afflicted with these conditions and what can be done about it. So we came up with the idea of Autism Rocks.” Since its establishment in 2014, Autism Rocks has raised more than £600,000 by organizing concerts. These concerts have featured a number of well-known musicians, including Prince, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Bublè, among others. The proceeds have been used to raise awareness about the disorder as well as aiding in research.

Sanjay Shah is the Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital, one of the leading finance corporation in the world. The company focuses on professional sports investment, property trading and consulting. Its headquarters are in London. However, the company recently expanded into Dubai where it also set up its offices. He also owns other companies spread out across the globe in Dubai, Malta, London, The British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands.

Sanjay Shah was born in Kenya on September 1970. His family later relocated to Central London, and this is where Sanjay Shah grew up. He joined Kings College where he studied medicine. However, after completing his studies, he chose to join the world of finance instead of pursuing a career in the medical field. He worked for a number of financial institutions including Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch before establishing Solo Capital in 2011.
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Helane Morrison: Ready and Willing To Take on the Future

When you have been a Compliance Officer like Helane Morrison, you have to be ready and willing to prepare for the future. When it comes to the past, that is what we learn from and we use those lessons, both good and bad, to help us attack the future. As far as the present, we are focused on what is happening in the present moment and what needs immediate attention. As far as the future, it is important to have your finger on it and know what is around the corner and how to properly tackle it, so you aren’t caught off guard or confused by anything. Helane Morrison is never caught off guard and always ready to defeat anything in her direction.

That is true when it comes to the changing job requirements of Compliance Officers. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, they talked about the new risks that are being given to Compliance Officers as well as the the job taking on a broader role. Because of this, Compliance Officers might be asked to do more or have different job responsibilities. When it comes to job responsibilities, that has never been a problem for Helane Morrison. At the moment, she is employed by Hall Capital Partners LLC.

At that job, she is currently handling the following job duties: Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer. This is in addition to her role as a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. In the past, she also studied law. She is a woman that is filled with knowledge, information, and wisdom inside her brain. She uses this when times get tough or someone might not know what to do. Helane Morrison always knows what to do and she does it the right away. She is not one to hide when a challenge presents itself.

While the job might be changing, there is one person that is never changing in terms of her work ethic and the results she is going to get and that is Helane Morrison. Helane is as steady as they come and nothing is going to rattle her or throw her off her game, no matter how scary it might seem or or how intimating in the present moment. She is always working, around the clock, to fix any problem. In fact, this is what she lives for, and she is incredibly passionate about it.

FreedomPop Estabilshes Self as Premier Mobile Carrier.

For the past several years many people in the tech world have watched as the L.A. based start up FreedomPop has continued to grow. For a long time FreedomPop was relegated to the fringes as a company that couldn’t be successful long term thanks to their bizarre business plan: a completely free cell phone carrier with optional up charges. Sounds like it would be destined to fail right? Well, wrong. FreedomPop has grown into one of the true giants in the mobile carrier world and their ‘pay what you what’ plan looks like it shall become the new norm.

Those unfamiliar with FreedomPop need to know a few basic pieces of information before deciding whether or not to join in on the rush. The first thing you’ll need to understand is the core of what makes FreedomPop so special: their free package. When you join FreedomPop you are instantly enrolled into their core, free package: limited text, talk, and data all without a single charge to your account. Now, if you are happy having a limited smartphone then this plan will be perfect for you and you need not ever upgrade. If you decide that you like the service and want to take full advantage of everything they offer, then keep on reading.

CEO Stephen Stokols wants to treat FreedomPop like a digital buffet, where users can add on whatever they feel like enhances their experience and that is what drives their upgrade service. There are various plans that you’ll want to check out. FreedomPop just rolled out their unlimited WiFi service plan for a simple $5 per month. This gives you access to 10 million different hotspots throughout the country with no problem. If you are in an urban spot then you will definitely make your money back with this plan.

If you find that FreedomPop is the PERFECT carrier for you then you can upgrade to their unlimited package. For an astounding $19.99 a month you can get unlimited talk, data, and text with coverage throughout the country. Compare this affordable $19.99 plan with the other unlimited packages provided by the major carriers. You’ll see that FreedomPop is unmatched in terms of value.

FreedomPop recently connected with Sprint to take advantage of their infrastructure so now the company is better than ever. more and more people are making the switch to FreedomPop — what are you waiting for now?

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Duda Melzer Brings The Personal Touch To His RBS Group Presidency

As the President of one of the top media companies in Brazil many people would not expect Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer to keep in contact with the employees of the company on a regular basis. However, the man affectionately known as Duda Melzer often uses the latest technology to chat with those who work with the company and bring them the latest news about the direction RBS is heading in. The dialogue between Duda Melzer and his employees is not one sided, but also sees the Executive President of this historic media company take questions from employees to make sure any concerns are addressed as quickly and concisely as possible.

Along with his dedication to those who work with the RBS Group, Duda Melzer has also looked to develop his own skills by looking outside the Brazilian media industry and the traditoinal media industry to make sure he is as prepared as possible for the challenges facing RBS in the future. Duda Melzer is the third generation of the Sirotsky family to take over the Presidency of RBS Group, which saw Melzer embark on a wide range of roles within RBS to keep the company at the forefront of the media industry as it changes in the 21st century.

During a period spent living, studying, and working in the U.S. Duda Melzer sought to embrace ne technologies that have been changing the media industry in recent years. Melzer took a senior role with Top Box Media in the U.S., a non traditional media company that sought new ways to deliver media to customers in new ways that take advantage of the latest technological advances.