The Venezuelan Medical Crisis Hits The United States

At one time, Venezuela was riding high because it was one of the richest countries in Latin America. However, today the country is going through an economic crisis that has affected medical treatment in the country. People in the country and the medical community are experiencing extreme hardships filling prescriptions. Many are life saving prescriptions that are desperately needed. According to reports from El Nacional, Venezuelan people are seeking the life saving drugs in the United States. They regard the American pharmacies as the only way to get the life saving drugs required to treat patient’s in their country.
Escalating Drug Crisis
The health community in Venezuela is in an uproar says David Osio because nearly 80 percent of the drugs that they require to treat patients are not available in the country. People suffering with cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure desperately need their prescriptions filled to control their health issues. Fortunately, Florida law allows the pharmacist to fill the prescriptions for the Latin American natives. There is one catch. They have to pay in American dollars. A Florida pharmacy finds it extremely encouraging to work with the health care community in Venezuela. They realize that the country is going through a medical crisis and are anxious to help the people get the medicine that they required to keep them alive and living a healthy life.


Bob Reina’s Connecting Success

Talk Fusion is a video communications service that is headed in the right direction. It helps out others and sets a great example for the industry it is involved in. It has done wonderful work in other countries and is really connecting people.

Founder and CEO Bob Reina is a big part of the Talk Fusion mission and story. This man is dedicated to what he does, and has been a big influence on the company. Recently there was a birthday celebration in his honor, and the employees at the company got on board. His Birthday was celebrated under the Maui sun, and an e-mail account was created so that employees could send him well-wishing and videos for this birthday. This was done through CONNECT and he loved it.

Reina has done a great job and had a 3 tier birthday cake on this Dream Getaway. Bob was told by TOP LEADERS how his actions have affected their lives and those of their team members. This was a wonderful experience, and displayed that Bob is driven to really push people to achieve great things. In addition to the speeches, there was great music and a great setting. Mr. Reina is a man much loved by his company and has a drive for marketing. He is clearly loved and also has done a lot of great work for causes. He also has a background as police officer. Mr. Reina’s drive and vision were really the main thing affecting the success of his business, and marketing and tech experts were really drawn to this.

Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Thinks Chinese Banks Will Lose Four Times The Amount American Banks Lost in 2008

The International Monetary Fund estimates that Chinese banks have $1.3 trillion in outstanding loans, and many of those loans are uncollectable. The interest payments on those loans equal seven percent of the gross domestic product and the people that must make those interest payments don’t have the money. Kyle Bass, the CEO of the Dallas-based hedge fund investment firm, Hayman Capital Management thinks the Chinese banking issue opens the door for an investment opportunity. Bass has sold a large portion of his stock holdings and has reinvested that money in a mega-gamble that could make him billions of dollars or could cost him his reputation as the whiz-kid of the hedge fund industry.

There is no doubt that Bass is an investment superstar. He made a name for himself when he predicted to subprime mortgage crash in 2008. He repeated that process when he successfully predicted that Greece would default on their bonds. Both of those investments have made Bass a very wealthy man, but his flamboyant attitude and self-righteous preaching have also made him a controversial figure in the investment world. The truth is Kyle Bass is a shrewd investor, but some people believe he takes his shrewdness too far and crosses ethical boundaries.

A good example of the Bass school of investing is his questionable short-selling of drug company stocks. UsefulStooges covered this in their article: Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler. Bass hooked up with Erich Spangenberg, the guy some call the patron-troll, and together the pair is making money at the expense of drug stockholders. Spangenberg brings price-gouging charges against certain drug companies and Bass shorts the accused drug company’s stock and makes a bundle of cash.

Another questionable Bass investment is his Japanese bank failure investment. Japan’s banks haven’t failed, but Bass is betting they will. The Bass story is filled with antidotes about the way Bass does business. American Sniper Chris Kyle’s widow has been very vocal about Hayman Capital and what she calls unethical transactions. When Kyle Bass stood behind the former president of Argentina and against the four hedge funds that refused to accept 30 cents on the dollar after President Christina de Kirchner defaulted on the country’s debt bonds, Bass got a tongue lashing from his investment peers.

Kyle Bass may be rich, and he may be a hedge fund genius, but people are losing faith in his ability to do the right thing when money is involved. It seems Bass is in it for the bucks no matter the cost to his reputation or his friendships.

Yeonmi Park’s Escape from North Korea

The tale of Yeonmi Park’s escape from the isolated country of North Korea and the things she has accomplished afterwards is a sad but hopeful story. Like many others, Yeonmi Park lived without many necessities and had a very poor quality of life before she made her escape. It was a planned endeavor by her mother that took place on March 31, 2007, when they crossed the frozen Yalu River and emerged into China.

Unfortunately, that was only a small portion of the battle that they would have to face. The smuggler who had helped them across seemingly turned against them once they made it into China, forcing Yeonmi Park to be his second wife, and selling her mother to a trafficking ring. By subjecting herself to the horrible treatment and rape that she endured, she was able to have the man buy back her mother and bring the rest of her family over from North Korea. Things continued to not go the best when her father died of cancer soon after making it over the border, and they lived a life akin to slaves for a number of years on amazon. Finally, they had escaped from the smuggler who held them captive and made their way up to Mongolia, where they were able to take a flight down to South Korea and reach what it was they were looking for: Freedom, democracy, and fair treatment.

But her tale doesn’t quite stop there, while they had been through hell and back in their escape from North Korea, that didn’t stop Yeonmi Park from becoming an activist and massive critic to the things happening just north of the border. Despite the efforts of the North Korean government to discredit her talks and refer to her as a “United States spy”, Yeonmi Park continues to tell her story in an attempt to alleviate the terrible situation that so many refugees are having to go through, quite like herself. She has taken many steps such as writing a book and going to talks around the world to accomplish this.

The original story and interview can be read on

Marc Smith on Starting New Companies

Entrepreneur Marc Sparks lays out his ideas for success in his book They Can’t You. He says that the book was extremely painful to write because he uses it to share the failures that he has experienced while creating over 70 startup companies.

He says that while it would be less painful to share only his successes, he believes that their are many more lessons to be learned from his failures like when he built an insurance holding company in his bedroom building it to a billion dollar market cap before loosing it all in under 90 days. Throughout the book, Marc reveals his six secrets to success.

The first secret to his success is his faith. He says that one of the most worthwhile things he has ever done in his life is to work with the people of The Samaritan Inn that serves over 160 residents a night. This program helps homeless people learn to be productive citizens with jobs and savings through providing them a hand up and not a hand out.

As Crunchbase puts it Marc Sparks says that he never starts a new business where he does not have a passion ( While some tease him that he is most passionate about hitting big whitetail deer in Texas, he says the truth is that he is most passionate about helping others. Another way that Marc helps others is through his involvement with Habitat for Humanity where he has helped construct over a dozen homes.

Furthermore, Marc says that any entrepreneur must have tenacity. He says that people who want to start their own company must have a firm grip on their current strengths and weaknesses. Marc is very active in supporting the Dallas area Can Academies. He says that he loves to interact with these students showing them that even though they may not come from the best of backgrounds, that they still can be a great success. Read more: Marc Sparks, A Business Success Story.

When focusing on starting a new business, he says that entrepreneurs must have a great sense of where they can find assets to build their businesses. He says that eight out of 10 new businesses fail because they run out of cash. Marc believes, however, that the problem runs much deeper than that. He says that most businesses fail because they are not in touch with their customers and fail to present how their products can enhance their customers lives.

Marc Sparks says that not everyone is set out to start new businesses. He knows from personal experience that it takes hours of hard work each day. Therefore, he says that only those individuals that are so passionate about succeeding that they cannot think of anything else should start a new business.

If you have an investment idea that you need funding for or are looking to invest in a company, then Marc suggests that you contact him at Timber Creek Capital. He will take the time to listen to your ideas and help you plot your next successful venture –

Brad Reifler Is On A Mission To Help The 99 Percent

Brad Reifler has had enough of seeing the 99 percent being left out when it comes to good investment options. After seeing his 529 college savings plan dwindle down to absolutely nothing, he decided it was time to change his focus and start helping those who really need it.

In an article published on, Reifler shared 5 very simple investment tips that will help the middle class get a leg up on their investments. Here are the 5 tips:

Tip #1 – Proceed with caution. How you invest your money is very important. Consider the risks and hidden expenses that come along with an investment. You should also take inventory of all of your assets and set your goals accordingly.

Tip #2 – Make the safety of your money your number one priority.

Tip #3 – Never put all of your money in the stock market.

Tip #4 – Get to know the individual who will be managing your funds.

Tip #5 – Think about why you are investing. What is your objective? Take the time to figure out how much you will invest in advance. If you make a smart move that produces results, add to it.

About Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur and very successful investor. He has worked for several companies and saw great success with all of them. After spending years working his way to the top, Reifler decided to venture off and founded Forefront Capital, LLC in 2009, according to CrunchBase.

As CEO of Forefront Capital, LLC Reifler has worked with some of the top investment bankers and business leaders in the world. He now spends the bulk of his time advising and providing guidance to those in the 99 percent.  Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital want to do something different.  Only time will tell how they are able to accomplish this successfully.

Wen By Chaz Review

Chaz Dean is the creator of Wen by Chaz, a cleaning product. Chaz Dean is an Los Angeles stylist who puts clients at ease. He started off photography and then got into hair styling. He climbed the ranks at a salon in Beverly Hills and this progressed his career. Afer, he then opened the Chaz Dean salon which started in Beverly Hills and Relocated to Hollywood, CA. Chaz then developed WEN( along with working with celebrity clients.
A customer recently blogged about using the product for one week and she reported her results and this was reported on – Article was also shared on twitter. She said her hair was grizzy/fuzzy and greasing initially after travel but she started to apply the solution. She used ten pumps initially and showed the result. She said was the minimum amount recommended. She said strands were falling out and then she blowed dried it and the showed the result on the website. Looks great. She was still wary of the product but tried again.

She used other products but used the WEN since her friend from recommended it. She works at a hair salon. She showered and then curled her hair – and then went out for drinks one night. Her friends commented on a facebook post how shiny her hair was. She ended the week saying she could feel a difference in her hair- great jobs and recommended the product.

The CEO of Skout Talks Professional Success

The Huffington Post recently featured an interview with Portia Kersten, the CEO of Skout, in its Women in Business section. In the interview, Kersten shares the secrets behind her success as the leader of Skout, the largest global platform for meeting new people. Since earning her MBA from Columbia University, Kersten has amassed quite the impressive resume of experience in the business world. As a serial start-up CFO, Kersten has worked with a wide range of businesses from the ground level up and was gracious enough to share insight into reaching the top of the business world as an executive of a very profitable and well respected company.

Kersten touched on her family roots, which include a tough upbringing without the economic resources typically available to future business leaders. Kersten said she had to rely on her imagination and love of literature to help her aspire to be something more than she was surrounded by in her childhood. Her determination certainly paid off and helped her rise through the ranks quickly in the business world. Even though Kersten experienced incredible success, she said she chose to surround herself with the colleagues that would listen closely to her and not look down on her throughout her career. She was definitely more interested in meaningful, engaging relationship than impressing the most powerful person in the room. Looking back, she thought that this was valuable advice to other young women hoping to make a name for themselves in business. She encouraged them to seek out mutually beneficial relationships, which do not belittle them or make them feel inferior.

Kersten exudes this same sense of self-worth and confidence in her personal and family life as well as in professional settings. She works with her husband in a true partnership to take care of family responsibilities and said that she is extremely efficient with managing her time to accomplish necessary tasks. She encouraged other young women to adopt this type of time management and prioritization when it comes to their personal responsibilities so that they are poised to take on whatever challenges may arise in their professional lives. Kersten thinks that mentorship is an important part of successful professional development and personally enjoys mentoring other young women on their path to professional success. She thinks that Margaret Thatcher is a great role model for other women looking to rise from the bottom to the top.

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VTA Publications Offers International Help

The world of international relations is one that is vitally important. In today’s world, people need to be prepared to communicate with others directly. Many people today are aware of the need to be on top what is going on in the world. This is why they turn to organizations that can help them meet their overall fiscal goals and plans. Companies that can offer help are companies that can be relied on to help people become aware of the ways in which we’re all inter-related in some way. A company such as VTA Publications is one that can be relied on for expert advice.

Their Wise Insights

Those at VTA Publications are aware of the need to reach out to others directly. In a recent blog post, company officials wrote about the way to avoid being part of negative thought process that can impede progress and understanding. They know that it is important to be aware what you are doing at all moments in time. This is why they blog to remind us to be aware of the need to use words carefully and to be mindful of the feelings of other people when interacting with others around the world.

Their Focus

The focus on VTA Publications is on meeting the needs of their international customers around the world and providing them with accurate information and insights that allow company officials to provide people with the expert help they need to be able to understand the world around them better. They products include many numerous publications that are designed to help others understand the world better as well assistance for those who need help with in being able to attend seminars of all kinds both in their own backyard and in other parts of the world as well.

Learning From Them

At their company, their aim is to provide help for all those who need it when it comes to international relations. They also provide products that help people learn how best to invest their savings so as to earn a good rate of return. This kind of advice is one that people can learn and use no matter where they are, Someone from the United States can learn from their publications as well as someone who is living in another part of the world such as Asia, Africa or Europe. This is why they have so many customers.  Tons of financial outlets have praised the work they have done up to this point.

The Future Of Real Estate Investment Is An Online Platform Called iFunding

While the idea of people who have never met one another exchanging money over the internet to support tentative projects might have seemed strange or foolish at one point in time, the concept of crowdfunding has become totally commonplace. Artists, actors and entrepreneurs with unique ideas that would encounter difficulty finding investors through traditional avenues can now easily draw some of the financial capital that is required for the idea to be launched or brought to scale. While there are many platforms that enable people to support the production of products like video games, journalism, visual art and literature there are, on the other hand, not very many online funding platforms that are dedicated to real estate investment. This is where real estate entrepreneur William Skelley and his company iFunding come in.

According to CNBC, iFunding is a crowdfunding platform that serves the real estate investment community by serving as a digital point of connection between real estate investors and individuals that work in real estate development. Investors can log in and easily find a variety of investment opportunities that they can dedicate their financial resources to. According to, this allows investors with smaller amounts of capital on hand to direct those resources towards large scale real estate development projects. Skelley had a tweet picked up by CNBC that iFunding was the “e-trade” of the world of real estate investing. Through iFunding Skelley has pioneered the concept of accredited crowdfunding which refers to the act of accredited investors combining their financial resources through the use of crowdfunding platforms to participate in the investment process.

Recently Skelley was recognized for his innovation in the world of real estate by a professional real estate association. According to Crowdfund Insider Skelley was inducted into an organization known as the Next Generation Of Real Estate Leaders. Membership in the association is only granted via invitation. The group is headed by Michael Stoler, New York City real estate fixture and Managing Director of the investment firm Madison Realty Capital. Skelley’s induction into the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders places him among the ranks of real estate professionals from firms like Merrill Lynch, Carlyle Group and CIT. In addition to being inducted into the professional association that Stoler runs, Skelley will also be appearing on a show that Stoler hosts about the local real estate industry. According to Crowdfunder the episode that Skelley will appear on will cover the development of the commercial real estate sector.  Check them out on for a little background on Skelley and iFunding.