4 Things About Lovaganza You Need to Experience Yourself

Lovaganza, an extravagant celebration, is coming to locations around the world in 2020. The highly-anticipated event will feature all sorts of entertainment. There will be films, artwork, live performance, and immersive attractions. The entertainment will showcase cultures from around the world in front of a lively, bohemian backdrop. The celebration will take place on six continents over the course of four months.

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The festivities were originally set to begin in 2015 but were pushed forward to incorporate newly emerging technology. The generous extension also gives festival goers more to plan their Lovaganza trips. Meanwhile, there is plenty to be excited about. The following are four things about Lovaganza that you need to experience for yourself.

1.Cinerama. Cinerama is a unique cinema experience that was popular in the 1950s. Originally, Cinerama-style films were the product of three simultaneously running projectors displaying images onto a curved screen. The films were often accompanied by surround sound.

Lovaganza promises to feature their own Cinerama films. However, they will be incorporating the newest technology such as Immerscope screens to bring 21st Century quality to the antiquated theatre experience.

2.Top-quality films. Lovaganza is currently working with Warner Brother Studios to produce their films. They have also sent scouts around the world to find the most interesting and entertaining filming locations possible. They have already filmed in notable locations such as the Kill Bill Church, Barcelona, and at the Disney Ranch in California.

3.Wanderlust. Lovaganaza is designed with the traveler in mind. By featuring literature, film, and artwork from around the world, Lovaganza desires to provide guests with a lens with which to discover the world.

Lovaganza is a culture of its own. It celebrates diversity and global unity.

4.Hands Across the World. Hands across the world is a unique vision of the Lovaganza. Since the festival will be spread throughout several locations around the globe, festival planners will ask festival goers at all locations to join hands in unison in a nod for peace and unity. This powerful gesture seems to represent everything that Lovaganza stands for. It will certainly be a wonderful moment to look back on.

Learn more about Lovaganza: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/lovaganza/

Knife Allegedly Used in John Brown Attempted Assassination Acquired by Michael R. Zomber


Michael R. Zomber is reported by PR Newswire to have gained possession of a Bowie knife that is alleged to have been used in the attempted murder of John Brown. The knife which has a contemporary inscription engraved on it is one of the latest that the antique arms and armors collector has attained. John Brown believed that the only way to finish modern day slavery in the country is through armed insurrection. He was tried for the wrongs he did against the south and hanged, a move that may have immortalized him, hence the fame of the knife that was used in his botched assassination.

The knife that he has acquired is seen by many collectors as the best souvenir from one of America’s bloodiest times in history. It is comprised of a spear pint blade and a nickel handle that is in-laid with the mother of pearl. When asked about the knife, Michael said that he has always had an admiration for Brown and his abolitionist moment. He stated that he felt truly honored to have a part of his personal history with him.

In addition to collecting these antiques, Michael Zomber is an author. He has written two books, both of which revolve around the lives of the people that were affected by the civil war. The books, ‘Sweet Betsy, that’s me” and ‘A son of Kentucky’ have received quite a readership over the years, especially among historical novel enthusiasts.

There has been speculation that the acquisition of the knife could be signaling a possible Brown Novel by Zomber in the near future, and it’s certainly worth checking his page on Barnes & Noble from time to time. When asked about this, he did not make any clear claims, but he stated that having the knife in his hands has already gotten him creative.

About Zomber

Michael Zomber started his writing career in the University of Illinois from where he graduated Cum Laude in his bachelors of English and psychology. He then proceeded to UCLA and studied his Masters of English. It was his wife that after reading some of his write-ups gave him encouragement to make screenplays. These would be the basis of his later novels. For his collecting career, Michael Zomber has owned several weapons from prominent people such as Simon Bolivar and even George Washington. He endeavors to collect and protect history through both writing and collecting items from different periods in time.  Check out some of his videos on YouTube of his many contributions to the History Channel.


Cone Marshall: A Reputable Tax, Estate and Law Firm

Cone Marshall is an international tax and trusts law firm that was founded in 1999. Its principals are Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall and it is located in Auckland, New Zealand. To get in touch with the company all you have to do is call +643073950 or visit their website.

Karen Marshall joined Cone Marshall in 2005 and began serving as principal in 2006. Before joining Cone Marshall, Karen was based in London working for a law firm. She served in its Commercial Litigation Department for ten years. In addition to being principal at Cone Marshall, she utilizes her experience in managing trusts as an advisor to statutory trustee companies. Geoffrey Cone has been in the business of providing trustee and trust management services and international trust and tax planning services since 1980.

Cone Marshall‘s main business is assisting its clients establish companies and New Zealand Trusts and provide them with global tax and wealth planning advice. Geoffrey Cone’s skills in tax earned him the tag Quintessential Tax Lawyer in 2016 in an article that serves as a law firm and experts directory.

According to an article posted by Mr. Cone on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter in 2012, the thought that New Zealand was a tax haven and its banking industry was secretive was a fallacy. In the article, titled A Model of Tax Transparency, he indicated the fact that New Zealand operated under the principles of gold standard for transparency, the 2002 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Model Agreement on the exchange of information relating to tax.

To answer the question why there had been an influx of foreign trusts in New Zealand, he stated that it was because the country had been recognized internationally as a safe zone to place one’s assets. He continued to add that the influx was also because of New Zealand’s great laws, substantial legal and professional infrastructure and the existence of a strong judiciary.

Cone Marshall works hard to follow the principles of trust transparency and tax. It works hard to ensure that its clients are given the best advice on trust law and international tax.

Natural Lip Balm Products Like Evolution Of Smooth Work Best

When it comes to basic facial care, many factors need to be considered. Many people want to have skin that is clean and clear. They also want to have lips that are silky smooth. Should something go wrong like chaffing, it best to turn to remedies that really work. Remedies that have been tested by time are remedies that are shown to work best. This is very much the case with lip balm products. The lips are a highly sensitive part of the body. Harsh chemicals can easily cause irritation and make any existing problem much worse. This is why it is best to look for lip balm products made from natural substances.

Ideal Lip Balm Products

The ideal lip balm products have ingredients that are gentle on the skin and help keep lips looking great no matter the weather. An ingredient like vitamin E, that is present in the products that are found in Evolution of Smooth, is the perfect ingredient to look for in any lip balm. At Evolution of Smooth, they know how important it is to keep lip balm that keeps lips from feeling uncomfortable. A natural ingredient like vitamin E offers protection and also helps keep away the effects of aging from appearing on the lips. products can be found on local Walmart outlets and online on Ulta.com.

Keeping Lips In Great Shape

Applying EOS lip balm at least once a day can help keep anyone’s lips in excellent shape. Such lip balm also allows the user to make sure they always have the natural ingredients found in the lip balm on hand. When natural ingredients are applied to the lips, the results are lips that are always in good shape. Attention to detail is vital. Any buyer should read a container of lip balm to make sure the ingredients are all natural and will not cause irritation.



ClassDojo-Changing the Face of Education

ClassDojo is changing the face of education in many ways than one. It remains the best tool to help teachers, learners, and parents to connect and build an amazing classroom community. So far the program has raised 21 Million dollars to stir up its success among the key players. Parents are now able to communicate all year long and appraise what their kids are doing and their behavior at school. The company closed the round late 2015 and now using the capital to grow the team and research on the content and features that make it useful to parents.



The goal is to help parents lead conversations at home to improve learning and development of their children through school. Most teachers use the program to draft a plan of activities and pass them to parents. Also, they use the app to snap and send pictures to parents to show the current participation or work in all aspects of learning.



About ClassDojo



The founders of this app say they had seen many other businesses creating digital curriculum, testing forums, and grade books. However, these firms never thought of something that will focus on the teachers, students, and parents. In this industry, competition is inevitable; however, ClassDojo has remained steadfast in its mandate. Thankfully today, many teachers are using the app in 85,000. It is a popular feat in many charter and private schools including some big public schools.



The founders say their interest is not making money from clients; however, they assure of privacy which is their focus. The leader for the company’s Series B was led by General Catalyst. So far, the app keeps on attracting new investors who include SignalFire, Raech Capital, and GSV. The company is located in San Francisco in 2011 Up to date; it has raised 31 million dollars in venture funding. Hemant Taneja, the firm’s Managing Director, notes that ClassDojo helps to teach good morals in the initial phase, but nowadays it is utilized the teacher-student collaboration.



The Unique Nature of ClassDojo



The user growth looks at the app with similar breath he does with any other social media platforms with a focus on education matters. It is driven by what teachers and parents need and what they are already involved in to stir up their children’s success. The program is easy to use and access and could soon include transactional features for parents to pay school fees, lunch, and other school supplies via the phone.


Advancements in Lighting Technology

Gooee Smart Lighting is an advanced lighting system that many people are very curious about. Smart lighting is a new advanced technology that makes it easier to light the home. This is more than just a luxury. Of course, it is a convenience and provides more safety for the home owner or business owner. Smart lighting is actually a part of the entire home automation breakthrough. It allows an individual to remotely turn on lights or to set up timers to automatically turn on the lights at a designated time. Here is more about smart lighting.

What is Smart Lighting
Check out this scenario. A man walks up to a neighbor’s property. He approaches the neighbor’s front door and a light over the door automatically comes on. It’s getting dark outside, and the lights around the neighbor’s driveway automatically come on. These are all forms of smart lighting. The fact is that smart lights are able to come on when a person enters a designated area, switch on at dusk, or even change colors when something happens. A smart light might be part of a home network, remotely controlled, or contain sensors that provide automatic lighting.

Controlling Smart Lights
Smart lights are controlled by hubs that are in the home or they can be controlled with devices that the people in the home own. For example, some smart lights are controlled by
tablets, smart-phones, laptops or a computer. Contact Gooee Smart Lighting, if you have more questions about Smart lighting for your home or your business.

Kabbalah Expands Through Kabbalah Centres and the Internet

Kabbalah is an ancient universal belief that has existed since the days before the Jewish nation was formed. The layman did not actually study; only the high priests, and they practiced and studied individually or in small groups the wisdom and understanding that is called Kabbalah.
Kabbalah is not a religion, but a form of spirituality that the Internet has been able to make available for anyone who desires to learn practical principles to living a spiritual life with the Kabbalah University.

Instructors of Kabbalah teach the principles and the wisdom that is dedicated to finding the joy that is in every human, and the wisdom that is obtained leads the students to make better decisions.

The Internet has made these teachings available to reach students around the world who would not otherwise be able to learn about Kabbalah. The Kabbalah University is broadcast from the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre, and it offers classes, meditations, speakers and events for the LA Centre as well as internationally.

Up until the 1920s, there were no Kabbalah Centres where people could gather together to study and learn Kabbalah. The first Kabbalah Centre was established in Israel in 1922, and Phillip and Karen Berg studied there for 10 years. They then came back tot heir home, the U.S., and founded the first Kabbalah Centre in New York City in 1965. Though the roots go back to a Jewish background, students do not need to know Hebrew or be Jewish to attend.

The Bergs immediately began classes and translating ancient documents into other languages, so more Kabbalah Centres could be established. Today, there are over 40 Kabbalah Centres around the globe. In the U.S., there are four in New York City, and others including Utah, Arizona, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

For 40 years, students could only study Kabbalah in Kabbalah Centres, Today, Kabbalah University is the centralized location, but every race, age, and religion gather in Centres to learn the ancient principles. Kabbalah Centres offer classes, books, videos and audio products as well as holding social gatherings and participating in volunteer work.


For More About Kabbalah Centre Visit : https://www.kabbalah.com/about

Kyle Bass: A Rough Journey


It has been a rough journey for Kyle Bass. This journey has seemingly started just after he has made the prediction for the 2008 economic crisis. This prediction coming true has caused people to want to listen in on what he has to say. He has shown that he has the magic touch. However, each appearance he has made has had people wondering at first what has happened to that touch. Then they began to realize that it was a fluke. Kyle Bass has sunken to a new low with each appearance. It began to seem that Kyle Bass couldn’t make a good decision to save his own life.


There are tons of embarrassing moments that Kyle Bass has had in front of the audience that have first turned them away, then brought them back just so they can see what type of fool he would make of himself. For one thing, Kyle Bass has made a lot of thoughtless statements about various topics. He has also aligned himself with others that are not skilled at financial management. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has defaulted her own country on a sovereign debt more than once. However, there is something that might turn out in Kyle Bass’s favor.


Kyle Bass is looking at the economy of China and he is predicting that it is not going to get better for that country anytime in the near future. He is making the bet. Now, people who understand Kyle Bass’s history might be inclined to take that as a good sign for China. However, there are other economists and investors that are saying similar things. Therefore, Kyle Bass might have made a good call this time. If it turns out that China is not going to recover very quickly, then this could have an effect on the market in a lot of ways.

Gooee’s Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is the energy efficient-cost saving system of the future. With the ability to automatically sense changes in the surroundings and/or to be manually set, smart lighting systems are as flexible as they are effective.

While you will be able to set your smart lighting system according to your preferences, the lighting system itself will be able to adjust from a variety of factors. Such as experience and outside sensory influences. While you manually adjust it day to day to fit your preferences the lighting system will learn from that. For example, it will dim or brighten the lights during a rainy day depending on your previous preferences so you wont have to.

Outside sensory influences include time of day, weather, and whether or not there are people around. In a situation where no one is in the room it will minimize energy use there and focus on other areas and during the night the lights may become brighter.

On top of all this you can control your lighting system through your phone, wi-fi, or internet connection depending on the brand. As mentioned above, it is automated so it will adjust to your preferences, helping you to wake up in the morning or wind down during the night. But the biggest advantage is its ability to learn through virtual intelligence. With so many advantages, you may want to look into getting yourself a smart lighting system of your own from Gooee.

Investigator Pro 4.0 By Securus Is a New Wave of Technology

A new version of the software that law enforcement uses has been released. Securus’ Investigator Pro 4.0 lets law enforcement better monitor phone calls in jails and prisons. With new technology to make it easier to keep us safe, investigators will have an easier time. The new version of Investigator Pro allows for sampling of vocal samples, which can then be cataloged and tagged. These samples can be matched to searches across a database of cataloged voice samples. The match includes a confidence rating to indicate the level of certainty of the match. This new technology lets us know who is contacting people outside of jails and prisons.


Helping to ensure the safety of our communities has become much easier. With the new version of Investigator Pro, law enforcement officers and detectives can keep an eye on the phone activity of inmates associated with gangs and drugs.


With the option to search a database of voices it is possible to know who is speaking on which phone call. Prior to this new release, phone calls were categorized by the initiating inmate’s PIN number. This presented a problem, however. Phone calls in jails and prisons are very expensive compared to the rates that civilians pay, and not all inmates are able to make phone calls due to financial destitution. For this reason, some inmates will let another person place a call using their PIN number.


Investigator Pro 4.0 provides much more trustworthy caller identification. It has a confidence rating that displays the accuracy of the identification of a voice. By comparing two voices programmatically, law enforcement has the ability to stay informed with less error and help keep society safe.


Check out Securus at LinkedIn.