Scottsdale, AZ, Entrepreneur Jason Hope Explores Devices Positioned to Define the Future of Hospitality

Scottsdale, AZ, entrepreneur Jason Hope is popular especially for starting businesses, creating new products, and contributing to the welfare of others. Starting a new business and creating new ideas start with a great idea and proceeds to having the idea off the ground, the latter being the hardest part. Jason Hope has business acumen, and this unique gift, when combined with his exceptional expertise in technology, enables him to support upcoming entrepreneurs to bring their own skills into life. As the next generation of entrepreneurs drives into the world of technology, he supports and cultivates them.

This Scottsdale native has been offering students in high school and college grants to help them jumpstart their ideas waiting to become great technological breakthroughs. Today, he is investing a lot of his time and resources to equip the next generation to be ready to make the most out of the Internet of Things, which he considers as the newest technological solution for hotels.

With the emergence of the IoT, the general public is quickly becoming accustomed to Internet-enabled consumer devices like tablets and other smart devices. Whether it is obtaining insurance quotes from insurance companies or buying goods online, the ubiquitous nature and convenience of the IoT makes it critical for the hospitality industry to follow suit now.

While the first phase of the Internet of Things is evidently already here with us, the Arizona entrepreneur and philanthropist considers this technology as the future. And that is the reason he is sponsoring students to embrace technology. Jason Hope considers that people within the hospitality industry with no knowledge of the Internet of Things will not be able to do any meaningful business within the next few years or months.

Jason Hope recently wrote that as consumers get accustomed to these new applications in their homes, they will start demanding to have them everywhere, and the hospitality industry will have to turn to it so as to be able to meet the needs of their esteemed customers. Garter, Inc., an information technology research and advisory firm, supports this view. This firm recently reported that more than 26 billion units of network-enabled devices would be installed by 2020. This represents almost a 30-fold increase from 0.9 billion units in 2009.

Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things will offer many solutions in the hospitality industry. For example, with a smart minibar, hotels will be able to bill items, monitor their inventory and refill their orders automatically. Jason Hope’s passion for philanthropy has led him to donate his valuable resources to support students and upcoming entrepreneurs to be prepared for the changes that clients have already begun asking for.

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Protect Your Good Name To Get Business Opportunities

Are you wondering how most successful companies are able to build a solid reputation and keep being profitable? Do you want to ensure that your company image doesn’t get tarnished by irate customers and malicious competitors? Online reputation management is essential to protect your company against attacks or threats.

The internet has challenged the ideas on private and personal identities. People are more exposed through connection to various social media platforms. An increasingly open profile and exposure online leave you vulnerable to scathing personal attacks from competitors and rivals.

Online brand management methods are increasing in global popularity, in response to risks to online privacy and people’s reputations. People use the Internet to do research before they decide where to shop or order services. Every company that wants to operate successfully should take proactive steps to prevent unfavorable reviews and derogatory content about their brand.

So what can you do to defend yourself against this cyberspace reality? The solution is to consult the experts to set up an online reputation management for you. These professionals can expunge your bad reviews and restore a credible image about your brand. If you are a modern entrepreneur, not using online marketing strategies and reputation monitoring tactics to protect and grow your business is not a good idea.

Online reputation management is a strategy and process of monitoring, identifying, and enhancing your digital credibility and reputation online. There are many companies that render reputation management service to clients, including businesses, corporations, institutions and private individuals. An effective and reliable online reputation management strategy can also provide clients with new opportunities and give them insight on increasing their brand awareness.

Most companies and entrepreneurs start to investigate when their business start to perform poorly. Decreased sales and revenue are sure signs that something went wrong, and prompt business owners to investigate.

Reliable online reputation management professionals can help protect your image and identity on the net from any personal attacks. Their These experts can help you position yourself for achieving success, and contact to clients, business associates and larger market resources through the Internet.




Jason Halpern Brings New Life to Areas

Jason Halpern is the mastermind behind many big developments in the New York City and New York state areas. He has worked hard to bring about the family business and this has given him the chance to do more in the areas that he is in. He has the innovation, expertise, goals and connections to make it all work.
It takes a lot of innovation for people to be able to do what they need to do to get things done in the real estate development industry. Jason Halpern has exactly that and he has been able to come up with some great ideas to start buildings that are unlike any others in the New York City area. He often uses that innovation and the goals that he has to be able to do things like turning warehouses into living spaces for people who need an apartment in New York City.

It takes an expert to be able to see the success that Jason Halpern has had. He was very good at what he did when he first started because it is the family business. He was taught from a young age what he should be doing when it came to real estate development. He took what he was taught and he ran with it so that he would be able to do more when it came to the different developments that he had. He wanted to make sure that he was doing everything the right way for his business.


There were a lot of goals that Jason Halpern had when he first got started heading up the family business. He took each of these and crushed them. He knew that it was a lot of hard work when he took over but he also knew that he was going to be able to do more in the business than anyone else had been able to do. He wanted to make sure that he was doing things the right way and that he could make sure that he was working hard. He did all of this and began hitting all of his goals.

In any industry, it is important to have connections. In the New York development industry, it is even more important to have the connections that will get you what you need to be able to succeed. Jason Halpern has that and so much more. There are many things that he is able to do and he makes sure that he can accomplish all of these when he sets his mind to different goals. He uses his connections to get exactly what he needs out of the experience that he has when it comes to the different things that are offered in real estate development.

Assisting the Education Sector-James Dondero

The co-founder and the President of Highlands Capital Management L.P has been very dedicated and determined in his work and recently he was appointed the Executive Board of the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business. Highlands Capital Management has had a strong relationship with Cox Business School, and the appointment of James will even make the relationship stronger. The Financial Institution has an education program support of scholars in the University known as Highland Capital Management Towers Scholars. The scholarship program recognizes those students who wish to pursue their studies in public policy as well as supporting the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

The Cox School of Business contributes widely to the community activities in Dallas and as the President of Highland Capital Management mentioned their organization was more than glad to be among the beneficiaries and also take part in the development of the community. The executive board of Cox School of Business consists of about 100 members who are mostly non-academics, and they are responsible for advising the school on strategic issues, and they meet at least three times a year mainly in they fall of winter and spring. Dondero has a vast experience, and he is the Chairman of Nexbank, Nex Residential Trust, Cornerstone Health Care as well as CCS Medical. Mr. James also serves at the Board member of Jernigan Capital and MGM Studios.

Highland Management Capital is a registered Company that has a mandate of offering advice. The Financial institution works together with its affiliates, and it has managed more than $16 assets. Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. Highland Capital Management can be described as the one of the largest and the most sophisticated financial institutions offering alternative credit management globally. The organization provides several products and services including credit hedge funds, long-only funds, collateral loan obligation, and special situation private equity. Highland Capital Management has its education in Dallas Texas and has other offices in Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo.

James Dondero is the co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management. James has an experience of more than 30 years in the financial sector specializing in credit and equity markets. Before co-founding Highlands Capital Management James was the Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary.

James Dondero is not only a financier but also an active philanthropist who contributes much in the education sector, public policy as well as veterans’ affair. He began his career as an analyst in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty Training Program. Mr. Dondero is a graduate of Virginia University with Finance and Accounting. He is also a Certified Management Accountant.

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Diversant Merges with Info Technologies

Diversant is one of the most successful minority-owned business enterprises in the United States. The company is also a leader in the Information Technology staffing industry. John Goullet is one of the most influential individuals in the information technology sector, and he serves as the chairman and principal of the organization. With the help of his co-principal, Gene Waddy, John Goullet has helped Diversant achieve a lot. The two leaders have played a crucial role in shaping the future if the organization.

Diversant focuses on providing information technology staffing solutions to the medium-sized companies in the United States. The company also specializes in general services, especially to the local communities by encouraging employment equality and race relations among the people. The company has managed to help the company find the best personnel in the competitive information technology industry.

John Goullet is also an entrepreneur. Before joining Diversant, the successful businessman had contributed to the development of several companies, all in the information technology industry. At first, he was involved in information technology consulting. However, he moved to the human resources department, and he has never looked back. He has worked in the growing department for a long time, and this has enabled him to acquire a clear understanding of everything needed in the industry.

John Goullet is the founder of an institution known as Info Technologies. Info Technologies specializes in providing IT staffing too, and it has been quite successful under the leadership of John Goullet. Although the organization was founded just five years ago, it has grown significantly, and it was considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. In the year 2010, the company merged with Diversant, forming the DIVERSANT LCC.

The new organization has done well too, and it works hard to ensure that the customer’s ever changing needs are met it time. The company hires the best professionals in the industry so that the quality of services is not compromised. Individuals who have received services from the company say that they received the best services that are unmatched in the competitive information technology industry.

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How Does The Kabbalah Centre help Students of Religion?

The Kabbalah Centre helps students of religion by making sure that they have been given every chance to learn as much as possible in the shortest time possible. These people are usually found looking out for a way to find God that does not have anything to do with a normal religion that they are not really into. This is why the Berg family started the Kabbalah Centre, and they do not talk up any one religion. They only talk to the people who come to the locations about how they can enhance their search for God.

The search for God is something that a lot of people have to get behind because they need to know that they can get the best of the resources that are inside. They know that they can talk to someone in the spiritual Centre to find out if they are going to get the right kind of education. They are trying to find something that will work for them over all other subjects, and they can get into prayer or meditation if they need to. It all depends on how people want to learn, but they have every opportunity to get this done when they are in the building.

Philip and Karen Berg started the Kabbalah Centre because they religion believed that they could teach people more than any other. They did not have to go to a church to learn this, and they do not have to give their faith to one religion or another. This is a much simpler way of making sure that people are given the kind of spiritual connection they need, and it will teach them that they can do a lot without having to actually much harder than showing up. This is a free and open place to seek God.

How Evolution Of Smooth Became The Lip Balm Of Millennials

Taking Down Giants

The story of the lip balm startup Evolution of Smooth is the story of the millennial generation. For decades Chapstick has dominated the lip balm market without any notable challengers, but EOS has changed all of that. This startup has successfully taken over as the favorite lip balm brand of the millennial generation. Overall the EOS lip balm brand is the second best selling brand of lip balm in the country. The growth of the brand has been so exponential it is now considered the main driving force behind the increase in sales of oral care products. With the success this company has seen among young consumers it doesn’t seem as if the $250 million company is going anywhere.

The Equipment Behind The Scenes

A major reason for the success of Evolution of Smooth is the virtually complete automation of the production process. This has allowed faster production and larger profit margins in the long run. EOS does not need to worry about creating a workforce to produce its goods.

Speaking Their Language

The key to success is the way it speaks the language of millennials. Evolution of Smooth maintains a strong social media with nearly 2 million followers on Instagram and 7 million followers on Facebook. The success of EOS lip balm has inspired the company to expand into other markets. There are now EOS shaving cream products available in stores among other products outside of the lip balm that started it all. EOS products are now available on both LuckyVitamin and Ulta online.

4 Things About Lovaganza You Need to Experience Yourself

Lovaganza, an extravagant celebration, is coming to locations around the world in 2020. The highly-anticipated event will feature all sorts of entertainment. There will be films, artwork, live performance, and immersive attractions. The entertainment will showcase cultures from around the world in front of a lively, bohemian backdrop. The celebration will take place on six continents over the course of four months.

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The festivities were originally set to begin in 2015 but were pushed forward to incorporate newly emerging technology. The generous extension also gives festival goers more to plan their Lovaganza trips. Meanwhile, there is plenty to be excited about. The following are four things about Lovaganza that you need to experience for yourself.

1.Cinerama. Cinerama is a unique cinema experience that was popular in the 1950s. Originally, Cinerama-style films were the product of three simultaneously running projectors displaying images onto a curved screen. The films were often accompanied by surround sound.

Lovaganza promises to feature their own Cinerama films. However, they will be incorporating the newest technology such as Immerscope screens to bring 21st Century quality to the antiquated theatre experience.

2.Top-quality films. Lovaganza is currently working with Warner Brother Studios to produce their films. They have also sent scouts around the world to find the most interesting and entertaining filming locations possible. They have already filmed in notable locations such as the Kill Bill Church, Barcelona, and at the Disney Ranch in California.

3.Wanderlust. Lovaganaza is designed with the traveler in mind. By featuring literature, film, and artwork from around the world, Lovaganza desires to provide guests with a lens with which to discover the world.

Lovaganza is a culture of its own. It celebrates diversity and global unity.

4.Hands Across the World. Hands across the world is a unique vision of the Lovaganza. Since the festival will be spread throughout several locations around the globe, festival planners will ask festival goers at all locations to join hands in unison in a nod for peace and unity. This powerful gesture seems to represent everything that Lovaganza stands for. It will certainly be a wonderful moment to look back on.

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Knife Allegedly Used in John Brown Attempted Assassination Acquired by Michael R. Zomber


Michael R. Zomber is reported by PR Newswire to have gained possession of a Bowie knife that is alleged to have been used in the attempted murder of John Brown. The knife which has a contemporary inscription engraved on it is one of the latest that the antique arms and armors collector has attained. John Brown believed that the only way to finish modern day slavery in the country is through armed insurrection. He was tried for the wrongs he did against the south and hanged, a move that may have immortalized him, hence the fame of the knife that was used in his botched assassination.

The knife that he has acquired is seen by many collectors as the best souvenir from one of America’s bloodiest times in history. It is comprised of a spear pint blade and a nickel handle that is in-laid with the mother of pearl. When asked about the knife, Michael said that he has always had an admiration for Brown and his abolitionist moment. He stated that he felt truly honored to have a part of his personal history with him.

In addition to collecting these antiques, Michael Zomber is an author. He has written two books, both of which revolve around the lives of the people that were affected by the civil war. The books, ‘Sweet Betsy, that’s me” and ‘A son of Kentucky’ have received quite a readership over the years, especially among historical novel enthusiasts.

There has been speculation that the acquisition of the knife could be signaling a possible Brown Novel by Zomber in the near future, and it’s certainly worth checking his page on Barnes & Noble from time to time. When asked about this, he did not make any clear claims, but he stated that having the knife in his hands has already gotten him creative.

About Zomber

Michael Zomber started his writing career in the University of Illinois from where he graduated Cum Laude in his bachelors of English and psychology. He then proceeded to UCLA and studied his Masters of English. It was his wife that after reading some of his write-ups gave him encouragement to make screenplays. These would be the basis of his later novels. For his collecting career, Michael Zomber has owned several weapons from prominent people such as Simon Bolivar and even George Washington. He endeavors to collect and protect history through both writing and collecting items from different periods in time.  Check out some of his videos on YouTube of his many contributions to the History Channel.


Cone Marshall: A Reputable Tax, Estate and Law Firm

Cone Marshall is an international tax and trusts law firm that was founded in 1999. Its principals are Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall and it is located in Auckland, New Zealand. To get in touch with the company all you have to do is call +643073950 or visit their website.

Karen Marshall joined Cone Marshall in 2005 and began serving as principal in 2006. Before joining Cone Marshall, Karen was based in London working for a law firm. She served in its Commercial Litigation Department for ten years. In addition to being principal at Cone Marshall, she utilizes her experience in managing trusts as an advisor to statutory trustee companies. Geoffrey Cone has been in the business of providing trustee and trust management services and international trust and tax planning services since 1980.

Cone Marshall‘s main business is assisting its clients establish companies and New Zealand Trusts and provide them with global tax and wealth planning advice. Geoffrey Cone’s skills in tax earned him the tag Quintessential Tax Lawyer in 2016 in an article that serves as a law firm and experts directory.

According to an article posted by Mr. Cone on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter in 2012, the thought that New Zealand was a tax haven and its banking industry was secretive was a fallacy. In the article, titled A Model of Tax Transparency, he indicated the fact that New Zealand operated under the principles of gold standard for transparency, the 2002 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Model Agreement on the exchange of information relating to tax.

To answer the question why there had been an influx of foreign trusts in New Zealand, he stated that it was because the country had been recognized internationally as a safe zone to place one’s assets. He continued to add that the influx was also because of New Zealand’s great laws, substantial legal and professional infrastructure and the existence of a strong judiciary.

Cone Marshall works hard to follow the principles of trust transparency and tax. It works hard to ensure that its clients are given the best advice on trust law and international tax.