Michael Zomber Shares His Passion With All The World

All people stories deep inside of them. A story may be theirs or it may be the story they wish to tell of the cultures they have seen and learned to love. This is very much true of the historian and Japanese metalwork expert Michael Zomber. Zomber has become one of the world’s great experts on the creation of such items. His own passion lies in telling the story of the world of the Japanese Samurai and the world they so vividly loved. As is true of so many others, he has also learned to love and adore the world that is represented in the examination of objects such as swords and antique armor. He wants to invite others into this world as well.  If Michael’s exoneration shows one thing, it’s what a passion for something can bring.

Educating The Public

He also wants to help the public appreciate the kind of skill that went into such items. As he tells a recent interviewer, he very much sees his role in the world as someone who can help others learn what is to be admired in this world. He also wants to help them appreciate the culture that led to such objects and governed the ways that they could be used in combat both as defense and as an object for warfare. He knows that such objects may have been part of war but they were also part of a means to help keep the peace and offer protection to locals about those who would disturb the social order of Japanese life.

A Core Belief System

Just as the ancient culture of this time was all about the promotion of a core belief system so, too, are the values that Zomber has chosen to embrace in his own life. He is all about promoting the values of honor and adhering to a system of behaving well in his own life. Michael Zomber wants those who view these objects and understand that they can learn how to find their own moral core belief system as well inside. This is why he aims to help provide people with the information they need to fully understand such items.  His production company is dedicated to this, and Michael talks about history on his Facebook often.

Online Reputation Management: Preventing Future Problems

No press is good press, right? Wrong. Today’s businesses or start-up companies want to have word-of-mouth advertising on their side in order to reach new users or more customers. Talk can sometimes hurt a company and potentially prevent the start-up from ever taking flight. Online reputation management is at the center of this conversation. Many people often wonder what online reputation management means and how it can affect their company. Below we’ll take a look at a more in-depth definition of this concept and why it should matter to business owners all across the globe.


Online reputation management involves being able to concentrate focus on how people view your company via the internet platform. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so forth should be the center of focus for all companies. When people look for information on business reviews, customer reviews and other such inquiries they often take their questions to the internet for answers. When reviewing results they can often uncover anything they want, which can often create problems for a business. One negative review of your company has statistically been shown to lose your company 22% of business had that review not existed. The percentage increases at dramatic rates the more bad reviews that may exist. The company does not have to risk this potential business with a little help from management of their own online reputation.


How does one manage this process? Self-managing these things can often be tough, but that is where a company can assist the business in making sure these reviews don’t see the light of day. Bury Bad Articles is a company that is dedicated to helping businesses fix their online reputation concerns. They use their innovative and proprietary technology to ensure that these bad reviews/comments aren’t seen in the eyes of potential consumers or business partners. Their technology is used to “bury” these bad reviews by bringing positive reviews to light and to the top results of these aforementioned search engines. Positive business reviews has an inverse effect in the percentage range that a bad one would and helps create for a positive view of the company that withstands the test of time.
Don’t sit back and potentially risk your business’s reputation. Taking action early can help prevent any mishaps or bad press from even touching your company’s business model. Take charge of your online reputation today and put your business on the map in a positive light.

Freedom Pop Review: Cheap Wireless and Wi-Fi

What is Freedom Pop?
FreedomPop is a California-based wireless company. They run on Voice over IP (VoIP), which means that they buy their data plans from Sprint and run their voice, text, and internet.

Free Service
FreedomPop’s most popular selling point is their free service plan. These plans include 200 minutes of voice, 500 texts, and half a gigabyte of data.

$5 Wi-Fi
For just $5 a month, FreedomPop allows customers to connect to any hotspot they have access to, include any home Wi-Fi plans. Whenever the customers are connected, they can take full advantage of their phone plans.

This is a great choice for concerned parents of teenagers as it will prevent users from using their phones while driving.

The Unlimited Plan
For only $19.99 a month, customers can purchase the unlimited plan. This plan gives them the ability to use data, talk, or text as much as they want.

Network Coverage
Because FreedomPop partners with Sprint for their service, customers have the same coverage as other Sprint users. The coverage is widespread and available in most major population areas.

Phones and Devices
FreedomPop offers affordable phones, starting as low as only $50. They currently sell over 38 different devices.

Hot spots can be purchased from Freedom Pop for as low as $99 or on other sites or retailers for varying prices.

The company also sells the most popular tablets on the market, such as the iPad mini. Prices range anywhere from $75 to $299.

Home Internet Service
FreedomPop uses Hub Burst, a device that allows anyone who is in a 4G LTE area to connect to the Sprint network.

With Hub Burst, 1 GB of data is free each month. 5 GB costs $17.99, and 10 GB costs $33 a month.

BYOD stands for “bring your own device.” People who currently use Sprint devices can transfer them to FreedomPop at no charge. This also applies to new, used, and refurbished devices.

FreedomPop is a very inexpensive phone service that is great for teens and light users. It offers some of the cheapest rates on the market, and customers have access to 10 million hotspots throughout the country.

Overall, for people who want to save money on a phone plan, FreedomPop could be the product they’re looking for.


How Labaton Sucharow has Made Whistleblowing Easier

It is common knowledge that many shady deals go on in the financial services industry. In the past, those who publicized information about such deals were subjected to intimidation, ridicule and even threats. To counter such actions, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act were enacted. These allowed law firms to set up whistleblowing programs, which would protect the interests of the informers. The programs also push for financial incentives from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on behalf of those who make exposes concerning shady deals.

Labaton Sucharow is credited for being the first American law firm to set up a program, which exclusively concentrates on advocating the rights of SEC whistleblowers. This program is based on the firm’s award winning securities litigation system. To make it a success, financial analysts, investigators and experienced forensic accountants were brought on board so that whistleblowers can be accorded unequaled representation.

Whistleblower Protection

Labaton Sucharow has been on the forefront in advocating for the protection of whistleblowers from any retaliatory actions. Many employees are keen to report any wrongdoing at their workplaces. It is quite unfortunate that most of them do not make any move since they fear retaliation from those who are involved in the illegal acts. Anonymous exposure of illegal activities, coupled with monetary incentives has been proven to influence the decision of many whistleblowers. This explains why the firm has endeavored to champion for huge rewards and security for the informants.

The enactment of the act has seen more whistleblowers come forth. More often than less, these individuals have been insiders, who report cases of violations of SEC regulations. The act stipulates that an eligible informant ought to be paid between 10 and 30 percent of any monetary sanctions that comes as a result of a fruitful enforcement action by SEC. Whistleblowers similarly qualify for additional rewards, which are often based on monetary sanctions that are collected from related enforcement actions. Labaton Sucharow has helped most of its clients receive maximum rewards.

The Success of the Program

The program has achieved unsurpassable success since it was formed. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it has rewarded a whistleblower represented by the firm over 17 million dollars. The whistleblower was remunerated for helping expose extensive transgression within the industry. This is the second largest reward made during the history of the program. The commission does not reveal the exact role played by whistleblowers to protect their identity. Such huge settlements attest to the strides that Labaton Sucharow has made.

Learn more: http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com/

Beneful for Every Dog

If there is one thing that I love about Beneful it is the fact that this Nestle Purinastore owned company  makes dog food for everyone. That is the reason that I have been able to buy this for my pets with no worries about whether they would eat it.
When it comes to the moist and chewy dog food, the Beneful Originals may be the most reliable brand to purchase from Wal-Mart stores. I have seen the way that my dogs salivate when I start pouring it in their bowls. I liked it because the packaging stated that it contained vitamin-rich ingredients. My dogs seem to like it because it is moist. I have noticed that chewy dog food is something that a lot of hound dogs seem to like.

Beneful also delivers with the Beneful Healthy Weight. I didn’t think that this was a problems for dogs, but apparently it is. I like the way that the brand has used rice and vegetables to cut calories with this type of dog food.

It certainly is nice to have a brand where the developers really care about what you are feeding your dogs. The Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies has been a great brand for my mother-in-law. She has some new puppies, courtesy of her Golden Retriever, and she was looking for a nice brand of dog food. I recommended Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies, and I have been in her good graces ever since.

I have a cousin that has a Beagle, and Beneful has been the brand that she uses as well. She uses the Beneful snacks, the ones called the Beneful Bakes Delight Stars, because this has bacon and cheese. I don’t know if dogs are able to process this bacon and cheese in the same manner as humans, but it sounds like a great treat from a human perspective.

Beneful has some Dental Twists that are also quite appealing as well. That is something that I like about the brand. It has healthy dog food snacks [https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/]. This is dedication to creating healthy dog food. That is why I love this Beneful varieties.



ClassDojo Improving Students Performance in The Classroom

Changing students’ perceptions and mindset is what every teacher aims to achieve. Carol Dweck, who is a psychology professor at Stanford, discovered that kids are flexible, and their abilities can be developed. Learning to them is a challenge and are always ready to embrace it.
ClassDojo aims to give teachers easy ways that they can help student embrace education and develop. ClassDojo will also team up with Stanford Project for Education Research That Scales center to create animated videos that will help with the growth of students. The characters that will feature in the video will be those of ClassDojo that are known by many.
When ClassDojo was began, it was a behavior management tool. It allowed teachers to give students positive points when they behaved well or showed remarkable skills. ClassDojo keeps improving and has grown to become a leading communication platform.
General Catalyst Managing said that ClassDojo would grow to become as big as other social network messaging platform. The tech shape students’ behavior. It also helps parents, teachers and students collaborate. The tool has today grown and is used as a communication platform by teachers. Teachers can now share videos, photos and text with parents of the class activities.
Today ClassDojo is used by teachers in more than half of the schools in the United States and is in 180 other countries.
ClassDojo raised $21 million which the company intends to use in the improvement of ClassDojo tech and in growing the team. Communication between parents and teachers was for many years restricted to parents-teachers’ meetings but with the ClassDojo, a parent can today get daily report about their children’s activities at school.
The co-founders of ClassDojo started the platform with the intention of changing the class environment and also motivate students by involving their teachers and parents. There were no other education platforms that had this feature since the other before only dwelled on providing curriculum materials to children.
Most users of ClassDojo are from kindergarten to the 8th grade.
The cofounders of ClassDojo respect children’s privacy and do not intend to make revenue with user’s data. They plan to develop more futures that that parents can buy.
ClassDojo plans to keep growing and progressing, and hopes that in future parents will use the app to purchase content such as yearbooks, discussion guides, videos, to use at home with their kids. Payments options could be available and instead of using checks or cash it will be able to pay using their mobile phones.


Read more about Class Dojo:



Wen By Chaz, A Big Win

I could never say anything bad about WEN By Chaz. For so many years I have sworn by the product so to speak negative of it wouldn’t make sense. I don’t see how any woman could ever say that the product doesn’t work especially when their are thousands of women who swear by the product and celebs who endorse it and actually use the product openly on shows on youtube. The product works and it works really well.
One of the bloggers I follow on facebook who works at Bustle recently decided to sing the praise of Bustle too and so many people were shocked to know that the rumors of it not working were completely false. This blogger daily took photos of her journey using Wen By Chaz and the products results were amazing.

If you have never heard of Wen By Chaz you must live under a rock. It is a hair product available on sephora that works on all types of hair. It was created by Chaz Dean a stylist to the stars. It often promotes the brand and it’s ability to work on all types of hair for various types of women. Wen is a win win situation for so many women across the world.

Follow Wen: https://twitter.com/wenhaircare


Andy Wirth Appointed as the CEO of Olympic Valley Incorporation

Mr. Andy Wirth is the new appointed chief executive officer of Reno Airport Board; he pioneered the process of expanding Alpine Meadow’s Estelle and Squaw Valley by building a Gondola that would join the two resorts.

It was a Major achievement for Mr. Wirth while working for RSCVA as the Chairman in the year 2013. He was representing the Firm in consultations acting as a link between Lake Tahoe and the Reno-Sparks Region.

Mr. Wirth is dedicated professional with a good background in management of international resort that has made tremendous growth in the expansion of traveling routes within the Region.

Through improving the economies of the region, Mr. Andy Wirth diversified his efforts in acquiring expertise in the board that will see more flights within the RSCVA area.

In his statement, Wirth outlined the importance of developing strategic plans that will lead to the construction of Gondola that will join Squaw to Alpine Meadows. The expansion lead to the accommodation of more flight for new resorts in Utah, Colorado, and Canada, thus leading improving air service that is key to ski industry and gaming communities.

Mr. Wirth entered into the Reno board with three other expertise Lisa Gianoli, Jessica Sferrazza, and Jenifer Rose. The four was perceived as profound change by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority by bringing proficient knowledge and skills that would help to incorporate Olympic valley Board to advance into the highly-profiled airport.

Gianoli was summoned into the board by Washoe County following his good relations with government and experience in legislative issues and specializes as Finance and Budgeting for over ten years.

Rose has extensive experience serving as the CEO of My Community Store, an office supply company that offers information to their customers on the way to assist local charities. She is also the Head of Push Life a television program that showcases events and products within the region.

She came into the board through an appointment by the City of Reno. On the Other hand, Sferrazza had worked as a consultant for Reno City Council for over a decade and he is the Founder of JESSCONVLLC, a state-wide Firm that offers Consultation services to local businesses.

Mr. Andy Wirth is has committed Squaw Valley holding in sustaining the economy through investing massively that changed on imposing heavy taxes on people and businesses and thus opposing the incorporation effort by decreasing service rendering to people like road upkeeps and Snow turning.

His new appointment as the CEO of Reno Airport is vital to the fundamental growth of the Airport and long-term operation of the Olympic Valley Operation. One of the main agenda for Mr. Wirth is to make ski area an Island for tourist destination and maintain the region economies at a stable state.

The Venezuelan Medical Crisis Hits The United States

At one time, Venezuela was riding high because it was one of the richest countries in Latin America. However, today the country is going through an economic crisis that has affected medical treatment in the country. People in the country and the medical community are experiencing extreme hardships filling prescriptions. Many are life saving prescriptions that are desperately needed. According to reports from El Nacional, Venezuelan people are seeking the life saving drugs in the United States. They regard the American pharmacies as the only way to get the life saving drugs required to treat patient’s in their country.
Escalating Drug Crisis
The health community in Venezuela is in an uproar says David Osio because nearly 80 percent of the drugs that they require to treat patients are not available in the country. People suffering with cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure desperately need their prescriptions filled to control their health issues. Fortunately, Florida law allows the pharmacist to fill the prescriptions for the Latin American natives. There is one catch. They have to pay in American dollars. A Florida pharmacy finds it extremely encouraging to work with the health care community in Venezuela. They realize that the country is going through a medical crisis and are anxious to help the people get the medicine that they required to keep them alive and living a healthy life.


Bob Reina’s Connecting Success

Talk Fusion is a video communications service that is headed in the right direction. It helps out others and sets a great example for the industry it is involved in. It has done wonderful work in other countries and is really connecting people.

Founder and CEO Bob Reina is a big part of the Talk Fusion mission and story. This man is dedicated to what he does, and has been a big influence on the company. Recently there was a birthday celebration in his honor, and the employees at the company got on board. His Birthday was celebrated under the Maui sun, and an e-mail account was created so that employees could send him well-wishing and videos for this birthday. This was done through CONNECT and he loved it.

Reina has done a great job and had a 3 tier birthday cake on this Dream Getaway. Bob was told by TOP LEADERS how his actions have affected their lives and those of their team members. This was a wonderful experience, and displayed that Bob is driven to really push people to achieve great things. In addition to the speeches, there was great music and a great setting. Mr. Reina is a man much loved by his company and has a drive for marketing. He is clearly loved and also has done a lot of great work for causes. He also has a background as police officer. Mr. Reina’s drive and vision were really the main thing affecting the success of his business, and marketing and tech experts were really drawn to this.