Marc Smith on Starting New Companies

Entrepreneur Marc Sparks lays out his ideas for success in his book They Can’t You. He says that the book was extremely painful to write because he uses it to share the failures that he has experienced while creating over 70 startup companies.

He says that while it would be less painful to share only his successes, he believes that their are many more lessons to be learned from his failures like when he built an insurance holding company in his bedroom building it to a billion dollar market cap before loosing it all in under 90 days. Throughout the book, Marc reveals his six secrets to success.

The first secret to his success is his faith. He says that one of the most worthwhile things he has ever done in his life is to work with the people of The Samaritan Inn that serves over 160 residents a night. This program helps homeless people learn to be productive citizens with jobs and savings through providing them a hand up and not a hand out.

As Crunchbase puts it Marc Sparks says that he never starts a new business where he does not have a passion ( While some tease him that he is most passionate about hitting big whitetail deer in Texas, he says the truth is that he is most passionate about helping others. Another way that Marc helps others is through his involvement with Habitat for Humanity where he has helped construct over a dozen homes.

Furthermore, Marc says that any entrepreneur must have tenacity. He says that people who want to start their own company must have a firm grip on their current strengths and weaknesses. Marc is very active in supporting the Dallas area Can Academies. He says that he loves to interact with these students showing them that even though they may not come from the best of backgrounds, that they still can be a great success. Read more: Marc Sparks, A Business Success Story.

When focusing on starting a new business, he says that entrepreneurs must have a great sense of where they can find assets to build their businesses. He says that eight out of 10 new businesses fail because they run out of cash. Marc believes, however, that the problem runs much deeper than that. He says that most businesses fail because they are not in touch with their customers and fail to present how their products can enhance their customers lives.

Marc Sparks says that not everyone is set out to start new businesses. He knows from personal experience that it takes hours of hard work each day. Therefore, he says that only those individuals that are so passionate about succeeding that they cannot think of anything else should start a new business.

If you have an investment idea that you need funding for or are looking to invest in a company, then Marc suggests that you contact him at Timber Creek Capital. He will take the time to listen to your ideas and help you plot your next successful venture –

Brad Reifler Is On A Mission To Help The 99 Percent

Brad Reifler has had enough of seeing the 99 percent being left out when it comes to good investment options. After seeing his 529 college savings plan dwindle down to absolutely nothing, he decided it was time to change his focus and start helping those who really need it.

In an article published on, Reifler shared 5 very simple investment tips that will help the middle class get a leg up on their investments. Here are the 5 tips:

Tip #1 – Proceed with caution. How you invest your money is very important. Consider the risks and hidden expenses that come along with an investment. You should also take inventory of all of your assets and set your goals accordingly.

Tip #2 – Make the safety of your money your number one priority.

Tip #3 – Never put all of your money in the stock market.

Tip #4 – Get to know the individual who will be managing your funds.

Tip #5 – Think about why you are investing. What is your objective? Take the time to figure out how much you will invest in advance. If you make a smart move that produces results, add to it.

About Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur and very successful investor. He has worked for several companies and saw great success with all of them. After spending years working his way to the top, Reifler decided to venture off and founded Forefront Capital, LLC in 2009, according to CrunchBase.

As CEO of Forefront Capital, LLC Reifler has worked with some of the top investment bankers and business leaders in the world. He now spends the bulk of his time advising and providing guidance to those in the 99 percent.  Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital want to do something different.  Only time will tell how they are able to accomplish this successfully.

Wen By Chaz Review

Chaz Dean is the creator of Wen by Chaz, a cleaning product. Chaz Dean is an Los Angeles stylist who puts clients at ease. He started off photography and then got into hair styling. He climbed the ranks at a salon in Beverly Hills and this progressed his career. Afer, he then opened the Chaz Dean salon which started in Beverly Hills and Relocated to Hollywood, CA. Chaz then developed WEN( along with working with celebrity clients.
A customer recently blogged about using the product for one week and she reported her results and this was reported on – Article was also shared on twitter. She said her hair was grizzy/fuzzy and greasing initially after travel but she started to apply the solution. She used ten pumps initially and showed the result. She said was the minimum amount recommended. She said strands were falling out and then she blowed dried it and the showed the result on the website. Looks great. She was still wary of the product but tried again.

She used other products but used the WEN since her friend from recommended it. She works at a hair salon. She showered and then curled her hair – and then went out for drinks one night. Her friends commented on a facebook post how shiny her hair was. She ended the week saying she could feel a difference in her hair- great jobs and recommended the product.

The CEO of Skout Talks Professional Success

The Huffington Post recently featured an interview with Portia Kersten, the CEO of Skout, in its Women in Business section. In the interview, Kersten shares the secrets behind her success as the leader of Skout, the largest global platform for meeting new people. Since earning her MBA from Columbia University, Kersten has amassed quite the impressive resume of experience in the business world. As a serial start-up CFO, Kersten has worked with a wide range of businesses from the ground level up and was gracious enough to share insight into reaching the top of the business world as an executive of a very profitable and well respected company.

Kersten touched on her family roots, which include a tough upbringing without the economic resources typically available to future business leaders. Kersten said she had to rely on her imagination and love of literature to help her aspire to be something more than she was surrounded by in her childhood. Her determination certainly paid off and helped her rise through the ranks quickly in the business world. Even though Kersten experienced incredible success, she said she chose to surround herself with the colleagues that would listen closely to her and not look down on her throughout her career. She was definitely more interested in meaningful, engaging relationship than impressing the most powerful person in the room. Looking back, she thought that this was valuable advice to other young women hoping to make a name for themselves in business. She encouraged them to seek out mutually beneficial relationships, which do not belittle them or make them feel inferior.

Kersten exudes this same sense of self-worth and confidence in her personal and family life as well as in professional settings. She works with her husband in a true partnership to take care of family responsibilities and said that she is extremely efficient with managing her time to accomplish necessary tasks. She encouraged other young women to adopt this type of time management and prioritization when it comes to their personal responsibilities so that they are poised to take on whatever challenges may arise in their professional lives. Kersten thinks that mentorship is an important part of successful professional development and personally enjoys mentoring other young women on their path to professional success. She thinks that Margaret Thatcher is a great role model for other women looking to rise from the bottom to the top.

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VTA Publications Offers International Help

The world of international relations is one that is vitally important. In today’s world, people need to be prepared to communicate with others directly. Many people today are aware of the need to be on top what is going on in the world. This is why they turn to organizations that can help them meet their overall fiscal goals and plans. Companies that can offer help are companies that can be relied on to help people become aware of the ways in which we’re all inter-related in some way. A company such as VTA Publications is one that can be relied on for expert advice.

Their Wise Insights

Those at VTA Publications are aware of the need to reach out to others directly. In a recent blog post, company officials wrote about the way to avoid being part of negative thought process that can impede progress and understanding. They know that it is important to be aware what you are doing at all moments in time. This is why they blog to remind us to be aware of the need to use words carefully and to be mindful of the feelings of other people when interacting with others around the world.

Their Focus

The focus on VTA Publications is on meeting the needs of their international customers around the world and providing them with accurate information and insights that allow company officials to provide people with the expert help they need to be able to understand the world around them better. They products include many numerous publications that are designed to help others understand the world better as well assistance for those who need help with in being able to attend seminars of all kinds both in their own backyard and in other parts of the world as well.

Learning From Them

At their company, their aim is to provide help for all those who need it when it comes to international relations. They also provide products that help people learn how best to invest their savings so as to earn a good rate of return. This kind of advice is one that people can learn and use no matter where they are, Someone from the United States can learn from their publications as well as someone who is living in another part of the world such as Asia, Africa or Europe. This is why they have so many customers.  Tons of financial outlets have praised the work they have done up to this point.

The Future Of Real Estate Investment Is An Online Platform Called iFunding

While the idea of people who have never met one another exchanging money over the internet to support tentative projects might have seemed strange or foolish at one point in time, the concept of crowdfunding has become totally commonplace. Artists, actors and entrepreneurs with unique ideas that would encounter difficulty finding investors through traditional avenues can now easily draw some of the financial capital that is required for the idea to be launched or brought to scale. While there are many platforms that enable people to support the production of products like video games, journalism, visual art and literature there are, on the other hand, not very many online funding platforms that are dedicated to real estate investment. This is where real estate entrepreneur William Skelley and his company iFunding come in.

According to CNBC, iFunding is a crowdfunding platform that serves the real estate investment community by serving as a digital point of connection between real estate investors and individuals that work in real estate development. Investors can log in and easily find a variety of investment opportunities that they can dedicate their financial resources to. According to, this allows investors with smaller amounts of capital on hand to direct those resources towards large scale real estate development projects. Skelley had a tweet picked up by CNBC that iFunding was the “e-trade” of the world of real estate investing. Through iFunding Skelley has pioneered the concept of accredited crowdfunding which refers to the act of accredited investors combining their financial resources through the use of crowdfunding platforms to participate in the investment process.

Recently Skelley was recognized for his innovation in the world of real estate by a professional real estate association. According to Crowdfund Insider Skelley was inducted into an organization known as the Next Generation Of Real Estate Leaders. Membership in the association is only granted via invitation. The group is headed by Michael Stoler, New York City real estate fixture and Managing Director of the investment firm Madison Realty Capital. Skelley’s induction into the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders places him among the ranks of real estate professionals from firms like Merrill Lynch, Carlyle Group and CIT. In addition to being inducted into the professional association that Stoler runs, Skelley will also be appearing on a show that Stoler hosts about the local real estate industry. According to Crowdfunder the episode that Skelley will appear on will cover the development of the commercial real estate sector.  Check them out on for a little background on Skelley and iFunding.

Stephen Murray Behind CCMP Capital’s Success

Born on August 2, 1962 and a Boston College graduate on 1984 for a degree in Economics, Stephen Murray was a philanthropist and a private equity investor. As an investor, he started as a credit analyst trainee at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation on 1984. He then joined the MH Equity Corporation on 1989 when the private equity group of the Manufacturers Hanover was merged with its leveraged finance group. Later on, when the company was purchased by Chemical Bank and fused with Chase Manhattan Corporation, the MH Equity became Chase Capital Partners and Murray became head of its buyout business. On August 2006, Murray co-founded the CCMP Capital, a spinout of both buyout and growth equity groups of JP Morgan Chase. On 2007, Steve Murray became the CEO of CCMP Capital and served numerous major companies, which include Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Partners, Cabela’s, Warner Chilcott, Generac Power System, The Vitamin Shoppe and Aramark. As a philathropist, he supported the Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum, Lower Fairfield County’s Food Bank. Boston College and New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Steve Murray spent most of his life at CCMP Capital, a firm that focuses on private equity investment for growth capital transactions and leveraged buyouts. Since the inception from JP Morgan Chase, the firm has invested about $12 million on growth capital transactions and leveraged buyouts. It was ranked by Fortune 17th largest private equity firm in the world on 2007. With more than 50 employees, the firm has offices located in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and London.

Since its founding on 1984, CCMP was associated with various names. First, the firm was known as the Chemical Venture Partners, serving as the venture capital and private equity arm of the Chemical Bank. In 1996, after Chemical purchased Chase Manhattan Bank, the firm changed its name to Chase Capital Partners and later on changed to JP Morgan Partners. In 2004, when the company purchased Bank One, JP Morgan Partners formalized its plan to spin out from the company. The spin out was announced on March 2005 and made effective on July 2006. The firm then adopted the new name CCMP Capital, which is an acronym of all of its predecessor entities including Chase, Chemical and JP Morgan Partners.

In 2007, the company completed its most recent fundraising for CCMP Capital Investors II, which closes $3.4 billion in commitments from various institutional investors, a slight decrease from the original target of $3.5 billion that the company set after its split from JP Morgan Chase. Nevertheless, it was quite an accomplishment considering that it was the firm’s first fund raised after the split. In 2014, the company sold Medpace, a pharmaceutical contract research, to Cinven for about $900 million. Today, CCMP Capital manages both CCMP Capital Investors II and JP Morgan Partners’ Global Fund.

George Soros and the Idea of Reflexivity

Business magnate George Soros has decades of experience in investments and financial markets. He also holds two degrees in philosophy. He is a self-made billionaire and philanthropist. Early in his career, he formulated the idea of reflexivity as it relates to the economy and investment markets on His idea is based on the work of Karl Popper. He has credited his career success to this idea.

Reflexivity states that when people are involved in transactions in the stock market or other investment market, their thinking or biases will influence market events. It is similar to the idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If a market is failing, people behave as if it is failing, which could encourage it to fail. The same is true of a rising market. Business might be booming because the people involved in it believe it is and behave accordingly.

Another element in his idea of reflexivity on is the idea of fallibility. This idea states that a person can never have an accurate view of reality. Their view will always be biased. He also states that people can tend to be inconsistent in their thinking. This creates a situation where they are bound to view reality in a way that is subjective instead of objective. The decisions they make are based on this biased view of reality. This can increase the power of self-fulfilling prophecy where investing is concerned.

George Soros on forbes first detailed his philosophy of reflexivity in his book “The Alchemy of Finance” in 1987. His ideas go against the usual beliefs about financial markets, which is that they naturally tend toward balance and equilibrium. Economists and investors didn’t take his theories seriously at first. However, after the financial crisis of 2008, they began to take interest in George Soros’ ideas.

In 2008, George Soros wrote another book that details his philosophy of reflexivity and how it applies to financial markets. The book is called “The New Paradigm for Financial Markets.” This book talks about the financial crisis of 2008 as it relates to his philosophy of reflexivity. He has also given lectures and written essays on his theory of reflexivity.


Fallibility, Reflexivity, and the Human Uncertainty Principle

The Impossible Dream; Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion was the brain child of Bob Reina, an individual who has been in the marketing industry for over 20years. Bob who began his career as a police officer, graduated first in his police academy. He holds a degree in criminology from the University of South Florida and has massive experience in marketing.

Talk Fusion was founded based on the need to address a growing need amongst the American population. Previously email users did not enjoy the luxury of sending videos to people through email. In 2004, Bob was faced with the difficulty of not being able to send a 10 seconds video to friends, attempts to address this niche in the market met a lot of stumbling blocks. America Online did not believe that sending videos was possible, but Bob did not give up his dream of providing services that offered clients a platform that enables them send and receive videos from friends. Bob sought the expertise of IT genius who was his personal friend. Their hard work and determination made talk fusion a success.

Since its inception in 2008, Talk Fusion has received massive acceptance amongst the American Population. Talk Fusion continues to spread globally due t its convenience and user friendly nature. Since its inception the company has spread to over 85 countries and has risen to become the top 8th largest online video content provider in the world. This growth has seen Talk fusion beat companies that were thought to be giants in the market, these include Yahoo, Mega video, AOL and CBS.

Along the way Talk Fusion has developed products that are specifically designed to promote businesses online, with the internet set to take over the marketing industry through a massive revolution. This growth comes as a major development in Talk Fusion, with the company growing from video email marketing to embracing a much more diverse approach to business marketing which guarantees improved advertisement experience. The company has also developed a mobile app in the face of an emerging android market which has been accepted as the preferred phone system in the world over.

Bob Reina leads talk fusion in conquering the video marketing industry. Bob’s industry expertise fused with his natural talent, ability to study emerging trends and adapt to consumer needs and concerns places Talk Fusion in a prime position to take over the industry in a massive way.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion’s primary goal is to connect all of the cultures of the world via cutting edge video technology. Its CONNECT video line includes capabilities like video chat, live meeting and conferencing, video newsletters, and a wide variety of other tools that enable social works. For maximum efficiency, Talk Fusion has a team of experts in a miscellany of different fields such as leading, technology, designing, video operation, writing, and life consulting. Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association and is led by founder Bob Reina.

Reina was formerly an award-winning police officer. In 1990 he began to work in network marketing as a part-time side job. He soon became the top producing networker in the entire state of Florida. In time, he eventually quit being a police officer and went into network marketing full time. As a full-time leader in the networking industry, he founded and led Cash Card Worldwide. But Riena’s mind didn’t stop thinking of more endeavors. After finding that many of the current internet carriers could not send videos over email, Reina decided to start a company that specialized in enabling video socializing tools.

Hence, Talk Fusion was born in 2007. Employees for Talk Fusion love the company for its many employee-centric perks. For instance, while most networking companies pay commission once a week or once a month, Talk Fusion pays commission instantly. And his dream has found enormous worldwide success. Riena’s dream has also included his love for animals. He brings his own pets to work constantly and also personally and financially supports charities that help animals.