Dr Sergio Cortez Plans on Combating The Healh Issues at Xerém

Looks like State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes has his work cut out for him. The Secretary Dr. Sergio Cortes is about to a embark on a tour of the most affected areas in the state of Duque de Caxias, Brazil. Dr. Sergio Cortes evaluation team are working out of one of the seven emergency shelters that the health department has recently built in the area. The main shelter is located in the municipality of Xerém. It is here that Dr. Cortes is monitoring all the information coming in from the other shelters in the region. The state department of health originally built in shelters with the intention of providing hydration to help relieve the symptoms of the early onset of dengue. Since the flooding, the dengue hydration stations have also been used as emergency shelters that can hold up to 300 people. Sector Cortes has also implemented classes for local residents by helping them learn how to detect the early symptoms of these illnesses that are currently plaguing area.

In an interview with Extra.Globo State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes explains the extent of the floodwaters is rather severe. He realizes that the helpers posed by these contaminated waters is very dangerous. This plan is taking hold. The plan consists of actively pursuing the decontamination of these waters. These floodwaters contain dangerous pathogens like yellow fever, dengue fever and a couple viruses including the extremely fast spreading Zika virus. Brazil is the epicenter of a major outbreak of the Zika virus and Dr. Cortes explains that recently the Zika virus becoming linked to microcephaly which has caused almost 4000 birth defects in Brazil would over 3800 of these occurring in the latter part of 2015. The numbers clearly indicate that the virus is currently spreading in an increasingly rapid rate.

The Zika virus can now he found in most of South America, Central America and has worked its way on to to North America as well. Many governments have issued travel advisories the affected areas. Pregnant women and has stayed away from this region and the Brazilian government has asked all women in Brazil and please refrain from becoming pregnant for the next two years. The state Department of Health has arranged for 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to be passed out to the local residents so that they may help in the effort to help decontaminate the infected flood waters in the region.

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Boy Booted From School Due to His Genetics, Parents Claim

Eleven-year-old Colman Chadam was a happy elementary student; that is until an incident that occurred at his school in October 2011. Chadam had no idea what was going on when his teacher removed him from class and informed him that he would no longer be allowed to attend school.

James and Jennifer Chadam, Colman’s parents, claimed that Villanova school officials and the Palo Alto Uniformed School District informed them that their son would no longer be allowed to attend school because their son had cystic fibrosis. He had previously attended Jon Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp and even helped out with his new GoFundMe campaign, which many of you probably read about when Bloomberg wrote Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign

Mr. and Mrs. Chadam were in a state of shock. Colman had tested positive for genetic markers of the disease but did not have an active case of cystic fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis is a disease that leads to a build-up of thick mucus throughout the body, particularly in the lungs and bowels. Those diagnosed with the disease frequently develop infections that are contagious and particularly harmful to others who might have cystic fibrosis as well.

The Chadams were mortified. They quickly enrolled Colman in another school district and filed a lawsuit against the PAUSD, citing violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The suit was thrown out of federal court, and the Chadams filed an appeal.

The case has raised numerous issues regarding if and how genetic information should be shared. The genetic markers were annotated in Colman’s medical records when he was an infant. The school district did not bring the issue to question until 2010.

The school district told reporters that other students in Colman’s school at the time had active cystic fibrosis.

“The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has stated that those with cystic fibrosis often cross-infect others,” a spokesman for the school district said.

The Chadams will continue to argue that the school district violated their son’s first amendment rights by informing others that Colman had the disease.

Why Conservative Stereotypes Don’t Describe Dick and Betsy DeVos

Many people are fond of judging wealthy people by their political affiliations, family name, religious beliefs or by simply judging a book by its cover. Unfortunately, many Americans would pre-judge an individual who is a proud:

-Family-man, and

…and write him off without a second thought. 

In addition, there are many in our culture who would hear those descriptors and completely decide that a person like this must be selfish, greedy, closed-minded and could care less about the community he was a part of. However, there is perhaps no sentence less descriptive of Dick DeVos, than the last one. 

In fact, many people that profess to be liberal and open-minded don’t make a habit of sharing their wealth with others or giving back to their local community with their time. In addition to giving back to his community and bestowing an unending stream of significant charitable donations throughout local and national organizations; Dick and his wife Betsy also made a choice to honor Dick’s parents’ legacy of kindness.

The DeVos family is one of the wealthiest in America. Richard DeVos, the patriarch of the family, was one of the cofounders of the popular company Amway. Amway, like Avon, provided home business owners with a highly-desirable product line with a great reputation to sell to their neighbors and associates. This enabled many people to avoid the corporate rat race and build their own home businesses long before computers made it easy for many. Amway features a wide variety of products that make daily life much easier and are well-loved by consumers all over the world.

In addition to building a successful corporation, the DeVos family has earned a solid reputation for philanthropy throughout the world. Though devout Christians and proud members of the Reformed Church of America, the DeVos family hasn’t limited their giving to religious based organizations either. Instead, they fund major learning institutions, neighborhood revitalization programs, public school districts, domestic violence organizations, organizations that support the fine arts and so much more.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

After graduating from the Michigan Forest Hills Public School District and Northwood University where he focused on business; Dick completed both the Harvard and Wharton Executive Study Programs. He then took his business knowledge and worked for the family businesses, (Amway and the Orlando Magic Basketball Team), for several years. In fact, he was CEO throughout years of major growth and expansion at Amway. So as you can see, though conservative and wealthy, generic stereotypes just don’t suit Dick and Betsy.

Improving Dog Health Through Healthy Food

Recent news indicates that we are entering the next level in whole pet care through healthy food. In fact, pet owners are starting to realize that healthy foods can not only improve our pets’ quality of life, but can also allow them to live longer. Since dogs have historically been eating so badly, who really knows how much longer our furry friends can live if they were to eat healthy most of their lives. In addition, healthy foods are readily accessible to anyone shopping at stores like:


-Dollar General,



-Safeway, or

-Just about any major Purina Store in the US

This is because brands like Beneful are widely available and don’t cost much more than generic brands that are full of preservatives, unhealthy meats and artery clogging fats.

Though many new dog health food brands require:

-Knowledge about feeding your dog raw foods safely,

-Access to online or specialty store shopping, or

-A large shopping budget,

Beneful is easy to use. And though you might want to refrigerate the food after you open it; it also comes in simple packaging and doesn’t require any special treatment.

Why the Change?

In the past two decades, consumers have started to realize that typical dog food brands feature some of the unhealthiest ingredients known to man including:

-Low quality, intestine clogging starches;

-Fats and gristle from the worst parts of unhealthy animals; and

-Very low lean meat content,

Ironically, many brands on Facebook even feature vegan soy meat substitutes in lieu of real meat. However, though the soy meat substitutes could have been healthy for animals, the soy typically came from low-quality, genetically modified sources and was doused in fluids, fats and gristle from unhealthy meats to trick pets into thinking they were eating real meat. Even the least health conscious person could see that ingredients like these can clog up any animals’ arteries and cause intestinal issues.

For most modern pet owners, it isn’t a matter of spending money frivolously on fancy packages of gourmet dog foods; it’s just a matter of wanting to give an animal they love healthy, clean food, without giving him or her ongoing health problems.



Dogs Lovers Line Up For Premium Quality Dog Food

A dog food that is actually taste tested by humans? Yes, that’s what’s happening these days in the brave new world of premium dog food. The competition in is this quickly growing market (sales have skyrocketed up 45 percent since 2009), is heating up, as customers become more selective about the kinds of food they feed their canine friends.

Today the top brands like Beneful in this highly competitive business are using blends of organic fruits, vegetables and grains in their kibble mixes, along with high quality meats, fish and chicken. The result is a tasty blend that is actually palatable for humans, which helps a lot in the testing kitchen as these premium foods are prepared.

Competition Gets Frisky For Premium Dog Food Brands

There’s no question the market is heating up for these high quality dog foods. Blue Buffalo, which recently went public, is a premium brand that is now expected to see $1 billion in sales in the coming weeks. Beneful is another high quality brand that is stepping up its commitment to providing the very best in nutritious, quality food for canines.

Beneful on purinastore uses a special blend of highest quality grains, fruits and vegetable like Spinach in its kibble and canned foods. These ingredients are mixed with choices of salmon, beef or chicken to create a tasty food that helps dogs stay strong and healthy with lustrous, shiny coats.

Yes, these high quality dog foods from Beneful are great for a puppy dog’s health, but they come at a premium level price point, too. What manufacturers are realizing, though, is that dog lovers are willing to pay a bit extra to ensure the health and happiness of their beloved pets.

Selecting A Lawyer In New York

When the need arises to have legal guidance with a situation the selection process can be daunting, there are many excellent attorneys in New York to choose from. On the other hand, there are also many lawyers that do not offer the best service or have their clients best interests at heart. At this point is is best to begin your search online so that you will be able to not only be able to view attorney information but also have the ability to read consumer reviews. That can help eliminate candidates that have negative reviews and allow you to further research attorneys that would be a better fit for your personal needs.

Ross Abelow is a local New York lawyer who focuses on four areas of law; family, matrimonial, entertainment, and commercial litigation. His wide span of legal coverage makes him an asset to have on your team. For instance, you may need his professional assistance in one area and have different needs later on in life. Thankfully, Abelow offers personal attention to all of his clients whether they utilize his services one time or seven. He makes an excellent family lawyer for these reasons and many more. Get to know him as he gets to know you.

Abelow has been practicing law for twenty-seven years, he has a well-rounded level of experience in his field. He graduated from Brooklyn Law School and has remained in the area since then. He currently practices law in New York City and has been since 1990. Abelow is familiar with the local area, customs, laws, and, most importantly, the needs of the people. If you need representation during a divorce or in a custody battle then turn to the tried and true experience of attorney at law Ross Abelow. Perhaps there is a more personal issue involving your children, then rest assured that Abelow is no stranger to family court and will represent your best interests well. For all your legal needs, from advice to court representation, Mr. Abelow is a local New York attorney that will not only take on the case, but work towards the best possible outcome.

Nobilis Health Is Recording New High Revenue Numbers

Nobilis Health is a powerful health conglomerate in Texas that has begun a major expansion throughout the United States, and the company is reporting record revenues. Nobilis Health is growing in size and scope as its offers better healthcare options for its patients, and there are many new facilities opening under the Nobilis name currently. This article explains how Nobilis has grown to into a large company with infinite growth potential.
#1: Nobilis Is Acquiring New Clinics There are several new specialty clinics serving under the Nobilis name, and the Nobilis name is becoming a byword for quality and variety. Patients who are in need of help may go to any Nobilis clinic for help, and the clinics that are added every year offer cutting edge assistance for each patient. Patients who suffer from extreme back pain, unique diseases or need special therapy may check into a clinic hosted by Nobilis Health.
#2: Nobilis Is Keeping Costs Low Patients who are in need of healthcare options come to Nobilis looking for the lowest prices possible. Nobilis is a very large company that is capable of keeping costs low, and the low costs offered to each patient make healthcare more accessible to everyone. Nobilis’ mission is to offer healthcare to as many people as possible, and their company is focusing on ways that healthcare costs may drop over the years.
#3: Nobilis Wants To Centralize Care Nobilis is centralizing the care it offers by purchasing clinics that offer specialty care options for each patient. Patients may come to Nobilis for any type of specialty procedure, and there are many people who will receive these procedures for the first time in their lives. Nobilis wants patients to receive the care they so desperately need, and the clinics hosted by Nobilis are inclusive with the insurance and payment options they offer.
#4: Nobilis Is Growing Outside Texas Nobilis wants to grow outside Texas as much as possible, and the company according to stockhouse.com is looking at using its business plan in other states. The states where Nobilis expands will have the same healthcare options that exist in Texas today, and the company will continue to drive costs as low as possible.
Nobilis Health is a unique healthcare company that is expanding across the United States. Nobilis wants healthcare costs to drop over time, and their many specialty offerings could be the first specialty care some patients receive.

Finding The Right Solution With Stephen Murray At CCMP

As a company that works with many different businesses, CCMP Capital works with several different ventures within the sectors that they are able to help with. There are many different options that CCMP capital employs within the chemical venture field, the capital market, the manufacturing sector and with their business partners.

Chemicals can be hard to deal with and manufacturing them can be an expensive process. CCMP Capital makes it easier for the chemical companies that they work with. Stephen Murray, former president and CEO, set up practices that are still in place that allow the chemical companies to be able to get what they need in the way of money to be able to manufacture all of the chemicals that they have. No matter the type of chemicals that are being manufactured, CCMP capital is able to provide the support that is necessary for the company to succeed in creating the chemicals.

Chase Capital is a major player in the world of banking and business. They work to make people as well as business able to have the money that they are able to get to make their business better. Chase Capital uses many different techniques and they allow the people in the businesses to have a better shot at what they are doing because they provide the capital. Along with their private business that they do, Chase Capital also ensures that CCMP Capital has the means necessary to be able to continue doing business.

Stephen Murray has worked with the CCMP Capital private equity firm to create opportunities for businesses that do manufacturing. He knows that these businesses need the capital and the guidance that can be provided by CCMP and makes it a possibility to be able to help them. Steve Murray worked with many different manufacturing firms and allowed them to become better at what they were doing while they were manufacturing. He helped them understand the processes that they were doing and how they could make more money.

In any business, it is a good idea to have people who are on your side. These partners are especially important for private equity firms because they are what connects the firm to the other businesses that they will be able to help. Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital worked with the firms on NY Post that are now their partners to ensure that they were able to give them the best of the best when it came to information as well as capital to run the business. By making sure that CCMP Capital had some of the best partners in the industry, Stephen Murray gave the company a chance to be able to survive in a time when other private equity firms were failing at their goals.

Minaj To Have Own Comedy Show In 2016

Nicki Minaj has never been a stranger to controversy. If one word could be used to describe the star’s career, controversial would be it. She does not fail to let us down again. It seems that Miss Minaj has scheduled a Christmas Festival Concert in Angola Africa. It also seems that this favor is being done exclusively for the Angolan President. The President of Angola Has been tagged as a dictator on more than one stage.

Human Rights Activists have sent an open letter to Miss Mnaj stating that the money she is to be paid for her performance is tainted with corruption and human rights violations. This does not seem to sway the performer in keeping the engagement and even showing up early for it.

Groups like the Human Rights Foundation which was founded on the precept of stopping government abuses and is being led by Thor Halvorssen, strongly disagree with the motivations of the singer. Mr Halvorssen in particular has seen first hand how these types of governments can ruin lives and families. His father was a political prisoner and his mother was shot at a protest in NY City.

Halvorssen started his activist career when he was in London in 1989. He advocated for victims of apartheid in South Africa. As founder of the Oslo Freedom Foundation he seeks to help those who have no one to speak for them. Empowering those who are at the mercy of dictators and overly strict governments, he is the voice of the voiceless.

Minaj seems to be simply serving her bank account and not really caring about the people who have been harmed or killed for the money she will put in her pocket. Dressed to the nines, Minaj and her girls showed up early even leaving her love interest in Philadelphia so she could make the trip.

The lack of concern Miss Minaj is showing for the people of Africa still does not sway from her tooting her own horn. In a newly scripted comedy that she has planned for 2016, Miss Minaj was all over social media stating how she hand picked each actor who will participate.

It does seem a little alarming how little concern she outwardly shows for others and brushes aside. Maybe some day she will truly learn the real reason for her life and not simply a stage to blow up her own accomplishments.

Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is making a huge difference in his generosity and fund raising potential geared towards autism research. He has dedicate his life to donating money to research since the recent diagnosis of his son who has autism. He has funded and helped stage many concerts that are dedicated to raising money for the wonderful cause, in hopes of find a cure. It wasn’t until he sat down with Snoop Dogg one day that they both started talking and came up with the concert “gigs” to help raise money for the cause. Since then, he has attempted every effort possible to help in any way he can to fund the research of autism.

Autism Rocks is the fundraiser that Sanjay has founded in hopes of growing the money donations into a very profitable research development for autism. Sanjay has made many donations through out his career and recently was placed in a position where he could donate money to the autism fund and help fund the research. He was able to take his focus off of his career and focus on his line of new business, which was to organize events through out the world producing a fundraising benefit for the cause.

When Sanjay Shah and his family discovered that their son was acting different and was soon diagnosed with autism, they were fortunate enough to be in a position where they could afford to get the treatment that their son needed. Sanjay soon realized that there are so many other children out there that don’t have the funds for treatment and are not able to afford the care that is needed to help treat autism. That is where the Autism Rocks fundraising benefits come into effect. It will enable many families and children to receive the benefits and medical treatment that is needed to help cope with autism.

Sanjay has his own charity now, and can direct the money to different research projects in Europe and in the United States. There is a board of four people that help him decide where the money goes. Sanjay’s goal for Autism Rocks is to create an album from several different artist donating different tracks by next year.